set up a monument

2021-05-01 18:16:19  作者:Photography

today , It's for grandma 、 The day when my grandfather erected the monument .

The sky is clear , The air is full of local fragrance .

Grandma and grandfather are hardworking , Their life can be said to be a hard-working one , And also very sensible two people . My grandfather was the village branch secretary at that time , Busy all day in the production team and not at home , Grandma took on all the housework , Be busy inside and outside 、 take leave of 、 bear hardship without complaint , So as to make the whole family harmony 、 Harmonious . The elder has nine children , My grandfather died early , It's even harder for grandma to pull on her children , The hardship of life also shows her perseverance and independence 、 Ordinary and great .

early , My uncles and cousins are waiting for the crane truck in the graveyard , As soon as possible to set up a good monument to worship , And then the family got together for dinner . A gentleman with glasses is busy , Hold a compass and measure the angle back and forth . The front of the stone tablet should be aimed at the southeast , There can be no deviation . This day is also his choice , It's a good day . The monument is very large , It's hard to watch the crane , oldest maternal uncle , The old uncle, the big cousin and other people helped to put the base well , Find the right angle and then embed the monument into the pedestal , And sulfur the crevices , Finally, fix the base and foundation with sand and stone cement , Even if the monument is set up .

Not long , Women in the family come to the cemetery to worship and kowtow , Hold the ceremony 、 Paper money , Place offerings , And a few bright chrysanthemums surrounded the monument , Especially solemn 、 Solemn and respectful . Second aunt 、 Third aunt and others can't suppress their inner feelings , And broke into tears , Others are choking too 、 tic . here , My throat seems to be blocked by something , Trembling but not making a sound , Tears keep spinning in the corner of the eye , And the sound and smile of my grandmother and grandfather are constantly in my mind at the moment , The good character of the elderly is reflected , Like inscriptions, they are deeply engraved in memory .

The spring breeze is blowing , Soothing the pale yellow willows , Pregnancy marks the beginning of prosperity , It's also the hope of grandma and grandfather for the family .

The birds are singing and jumping on the branches , Seems to sing for today , Pray for them to be well in heaven , It's like reading a poem ……

Your beliefs ,

On the way of life ,

It inspires us to keep fighting ,

Side by side with the wind and rain ,

Clang along ,

The harvest will come in the end .

Your love ,

In the family heritage ,

Like a harbor ,

So that we can have peace and tranquility ,

Heal the wounds of failure ,

Set sail again .

Your eternity ,

In the local air ,

With the wind ,

Soothing without sowing ,

Standing in the ice and snow ,

So many ,

Natural flowers .

No matter where you come from , You can't get rid of your feelings in this country . No matter who you think of , Let's thank them from the bottom of our hearts , Because they make us have more cognition and accumulation of emotion .

Miss is so strange , It can be sweet , It can also be bitter ; It can be profound , It can also be indifferent ; It can be long , It can also be transient . On this day , Let's work together , Set up a piece called “ Miss ” The monument of , Keep it in your heart , See how it's sitting in one seat “ Emotion Museum ” in , What kind of brilliance does it reflect ?