There is a kind of peer is not the same is not the same!!

2021-05-01 17:53:12  作者:Photography

The Mogao Grottoes have us flying together

I like to have a group of people with me

It's not because I'm alone

It's because of this group of people

It's very meaningful

A group of people cherish the same ideals and follow the same path

We can see each other all the time

Accelerate growth

Nourish each other all the time

Love has grown

Flying clouds in the sky ,

There are endless forests on the ground ,

The birds are singing all around

The simple rhythm and harmony of nature , It's like walking hand in hand .

hand in hand Embrace a better world

The journey of love

We have a line 13 People tour Qinghai Lake by themselves . The first stop is to Qinghai Lake scenic spot . I was stunned by the beautiful scenery of Qinghai Lake , Blue sky , Flocks of gulls , Especially the lovely seagull , Countless tourists amuse them .

We stand in line and sing together , Seagulls will come, too , It's a very good feeling , It's a wonderful interaction that nourishes the heart , Whether it's with seagulls , Or each other .

Later, I watched it in twos and threes , For a short time, I came to one side alone , That moment , I didn't see the guys , I'm still a little lost . It's not because you're afraid of falling on the team , It's just that I prefer to be heart to heart , The feeling of interweaving and interacting with this land . Sure enough, I went back to the hotel in the evening , After the bath, we sit together and have tea , Peer partners have also made this point , She shares , Come out, everybody , We should cherish more opportunities together , Don't be too loose , More singing , One piece of interaction , For us to connect this land , For each other , They all have a bigger meaning .

Good tea exists for human friendship .

We will go together this time , It's all because of tea , My heart has been moved by tea , Baptized , Know each other more and cherish each other .

Tea friends, wherever they go , Will create opportunities to have a cup of tea together , Wash all the way in the tea , Melt away all the internal obstacles , In exchange for the clarity and pleasure from the inside out , And a deeper friendship with each other , There are also collective efforts to inject more energy of love into the land under our feet .

That night, , Everyone was sleeping well , By Qinghai Lake , By snow mountain nature , Pure energy heals and nourishes , After the trip , The heart and everything will be more intimate and feel more .

The joy of divine meeting

The joy of divine meeting

Visit the Mogao Grottoes , We chose to be under the tree , Hand in hand , Sing for the earth , Sing for the present .

Back to innocence I am deeply moved .

Singing and singing , The heart will calm down , The connection to everything around us is deeper . More into nature , More into the Great Northwest , The sky of Mogao Grottoes , In the Mogao Grottoes “ Flying clouds ”, Those mellow and elegant plants in the Gobi Desert , Dunhuang in a thousand years …

Let's take a look at each of them , It's like we've been here together for a long time … The time when we met and got together was very long and infinite ……

Let's sing for the earth

Pour more light and love into the world

Deep friendship

Nice meeting

The beauty of flying

Dense plants

Green love

When time has meaning , A moment is eternity . Peers like us , The meaning of this .

I hope more and more friends will have a good cup of tea , Connect a sweet spiritual connection and friendship .

What could be better ? Return to nature , Become more perfect , Beautify the world …

Different is different !

A kind of peer Different is different

Go to the sea of stars together