Today's essay 2021.5.1

2021-05-01 17:42:20  作者:Photography

Tired is not the unity of knowing and doing , friends

The tiredness in life is often not the body の bitter , It's the mind that knows and does not unite の bitter , yes 「 What I want to do 」 and 「 What we are doing 」 The pain of too much difference .

What you are willing to do , Even if you work hard, you will feel happy . It's like staying up all night , When my boss asked me to work overtime, I felt like I was going to die , But playing mahjong or Watching drama or Playing games and staying up all night , No one forced me. I'm excited to work till dawn , There's only happiness in my mind and I want to do it again

Go to a fancy restaurant with someone you don't like , It's better to have a soda on the curb with someone you love , A truth .

When there's a choice , Choose to let your heart not be bitter . Motivation comes when the mind is not bitter 、 A dynamic 、 Have the courage to light life , To fight some heavy blows that seem to break you , Only in this way can you feel that it doesn't matter when it's dark. That's the price I'm willing to pay for my happiness , I think it's worth , I would like to do it .

It's tiring enough to be alive , I'm tired of what I don't want to do , That's really tiring ²!

Why bother ! Why bother , Why bother !