Liancheng Guan Zhi mountain tourism strategy *

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Liancheng Guan Zhi mountain tourism strategy *

Many years ago , I used to know many friends in Netease blog and elite blog , Among them is Mr. Zou from Liancheng , Frequent online contact , I know he has crowns *. (zhai) mountain , It's pretty. . But two years ago , Both blogs are closed , Bo you 4 lost , What a pity ! How busy the blog was at that time , I'm such a regular blog , There are visitors 600 Wan Zhi Du ! But I know very well , The golden age of blogging is over , The number of bloggers who can barely survive is very limited . I wanted to go to Liancheng at the end of last year , But I didn't go after all . This time, it happened to be Yongan , Liancheng is close at hand , How can we miss it again ?

Take CMB to Liancheng , however 2 We'll be there in an hour , Very convenient . And the crown * mountain is just beside the city. , Just take a tricycle .

There are two tourist attractions in Guan * Shan. , Cableway connection . The scenic area is very large , It takes a lot of physical strength . It's best to travel in two days , Take it easy . Because we've seen a lot of mountains , Then there are choices , It's good to choose the main one ? We chose * crown mountain and Shimen lake. . The other part is said to have a bad road , Just give up . In fact, we can't do without giving up , It happened that the ropeway was closed that day ( It's probably because there are too few tourists ), So even if you want to go through two districts, it becomes impossible . But I'm not sorry .

Take the bus to the foot of the mountain at the tourist center . * Crown Hill , From a distance, it looks like an official hat . But it was against the light , Can't shoot . * the upper mountain road of Guan Zhi Shan is a little far away. , It's also higher , And there's nothing to see on the road . however , Although climbing mountains is tiring , But it's very beautiful at the top of the mountain ! In particular, there is a bridge on the way to the cableway station , The wind is strong on the bridge , The scenery there is very good . And then down the mountain , Get to the dock. There's a cable show . After the show, I'll take a boat ,80 element . The boat was sailing in Shimen lake , about 20 minute ( More expensive , But just for a break .). You can have a look at the surrounding mountains on the boat . Near the end, there was a high cliff beside it , On the cliff, there are 10 rice ,20 rice ,30 The high platform . It is said that there used to be athletes competing in high platform diving there , Jump into Shimen lake from an amazing height , It's so exciting !

Today we walk together 17000 Step . Since I came out to travel , Every day 10000 Step up , The most day is gone 26000 Step . What's interesting is that , If you climb a mountain , On the contrary, the number of steps will be less , But of course it's more tiring . It can be roughly calculated , If 10000 Step is equivalent to 6 km ,17000 Step is 10 Kilometer's journey . Fortunately, we are very slow to travel , There's no need to rush , From time to time, he sat down to have a rest , So I don't feel tired . My legs never hurt, either , There was no leg or stomach shaking ( I remember it often happened when I was young ). It makes me feel a little strange ! Maybe older , It's because of the dullness ?

Not to mention the elderly , We met many young people on the road , Especially girls , I often hear them complain that they are exhausted , I can't bear it ( That's coquetry for your boyfriend, isn't it ?). So people of our age can run that far , Climb so high , It's pretty good ! I was kindly advised to protect my knees , There is no doubt that makes sense . But I want to , What is the purpose of protection ? Isn't it just for long-term use ? But if not now , When will it be used ? Who knows how long it will take ? It's not even clear if there's a chance to use it . Why don't you use it first . What's more, people are different , Those who are especially good at protecting their knees find that they are still bad , People who work hard are fine . Who can make it clear ?