Crocodile eyes

2021-05-01 17:28:31  作者:Photo essay column

Crocodiles are a common animal in Miami . Crocodiles look a little bit ferocious . In fact, they usually don't attack people . Crocodile eyes are actually beautiful . If you don't believe me, look at these pictures .

Crocodiles have eyes at the top of their heads , It's to hide the body in the water , At the same time, we can observe the prey . It's kind of like the early submarines .

Eyes on the top of your head , It is often used to refer to those who regard themselves as lofty and arrogant . For crocodiles, the eyes are on the top of their heads , On the contrary, it is for the sake of seeing more clearly , It's high opinion .

Crocodile eyes are more adapted to the water environment . So when it stays on land longer , I'll shed tears . Alligators have trachoma .

Crocodile tears are not false compassion .

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