Spring in sleeves

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Feng Zhi in the later Tang Dynasty 《 Miscellany of Yunxian 》 One of them “ Spring in sleeve ”, It's about how beauties in the past made themselves the focus of attention in spring outings :“ element ( Mysterious ) When he was the crown prince , My concubine is luan'er , More from the noble Dong Xiaoyao micro line , Make pear flower with light Luo and scatter pistil , With the fragrance of the moon , Number ‘ Spring in sleeve ’, What is left behind is .”

According to this story , When Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty was the crown prince , I once spoiled a concubine named luan'er . This luan'er actually designed a drama to incarnate the goddess of flowers :

At the beginning of spring every year , The prince's favorite concubine would take her maidservants to cut the thin silk brocade into small petals , Then gather and glue one after another like pear flowers , then , Put these flowers in a large container , The bottom of the flower is embedded in a yarn sac , The yarn bag is covered with a kind of cloth called “ Moon scale fragrance ” It's a rare spice . After the container has been sealed for a period of time , The elephant flower inside is thick and fragrant .

Until spring flowers are everywhere 、 The days when Chang'an people go out for an outing , Luan'er specially changed into the dress of a rich folk woman , Then hide some fragrant rosettes in the wide sleeves , Only accompanied by a eunuch named Dong Xiaoyao , To hide the identity of the royal family , Travel quietly , Mixed in the crowd of flowers . The difference is , But in the best places , Or when the wind blows , She would quietly let a few rosettes fall from her sleeve , Between the natural flowers , therefore , In the spring of Chang'an , There is a beauty who walks slowly on the street and sprinkles fragrant flowers at any time , It's like a pear tree turned into a fairy , Participate in the entertainment of mortals on earth .

These silent artificial flowers are scattered on the ground , If someone picks it up out of curiosity , You'll find that they're full of fresh 、 It's very different from the fragrance of ordinary flowers . Because it's made of light wood , So even if you put it away for a long time , And it won't wither , But in the arms of the collector 、 The bottom of the pillow box , Always in full bloom , The musk deer lingers .

Luan'er also hides flowers in her sleeve 、 The practice of accompanying and scattering has a very poetic name ——“ Spring in sleeve ”, It means that there is spring in her sleeves .

《 Miscellany of Yunxian 》 There is no explanation for , Luan'er plays such a game of wandering in spring and scattering flowers in such a deliberate way , What's the intention . However, it's not hard to speculate , Want to come , She is to let herself have a fairy image , Weave the myth of glamour , By creating a sensation in public space , Enhance competitive advantage among peers , Let the prince fully realize that she is different .

In our impression , Traditional women are shy , Humble , Introverted , Dare not compete , I dare not show myself . Actually , This is not always the case with them in the literature , In order to fight for one side's living space , In order to gain an advantage in the cruel social elimination , Some of the brave people showed amazing courage when they were out of position , And extraordinary abilities .

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