A flower and a leaf are always related to love

2021-05-01 16:15:13  作者:Photography

Every time I go out , I'm most interested in all kinds of flowers and plants . May day travel , The park is crowded as usual , Bustling , But it's a pity that such a beautiful day doesn't come out . No matter how many people there are , Spring is still beautiful , The flowers bloom as usual . As long as there is joy in the heart , It has nothing to do with more people and less people ? Let go of the resentment , Appreciate the wanton growth of flowers and trees , There is a natural gain .

Flower as its name

It's full of vitality , Flowers bloom all the year round

Think of the university campus every early summer that piece of carnation , The wind is full of the sadness of graduation season .

Unexpected names , I always thought it was conglan

Like a naughty butterfly , Gorgeous colors

To make such a small flower dress should be extremely gentle

Lovely name , Named after type .

I used to grow this flower at home Mostly red and pink , Such a pure white is rare , My hometown is commonly known as sweet potato flower , From the point of view of the pattern, it is the most regular appearance of flowers in my mind .

See Michelle , I can't help smiling