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2021-05-01 15:32:57  作者:Photography

Zigui, Hubei Province : Old Hulu city

【 The flooded County 】 The construction of the Three Gorges Project , The normal water level of the reservoir will reach 175 rice , More than a million immigrants . Below the reservoir inundation line , Zigui in Hubei Province 、 Xingshan 、 Padang 3 All the counties are flooded , Wushan in Chongqing 、 Fengjie 、 Yunyang 、 Kaixian 、 Zhongxian 、 Fengdu 6 All the counties are flooded , Fuling 、 Two cities in Wanzhou were partially flooded . The Three Gorges Construction Committee of the State Council formulated “ Water storage by stages , Continuous migration ” general plan , All the above-mentioned old counties in the reservoir area have been flooded “ A small house , For the country ” The feeling of abandoning home , Moving as scheduled ……

Zigui old city

Sit by the water and look up at the mountain

Surrounded gourd

Guizhou old look

Who knows today

Blasting demolition of the old city

Eternal romantic charm

A hundred generations of gourd city

The flood startled Qu Zi

One burst into eternity

The stream flows through the city

The arch bridge connects the two banks

The pain is gone

Who understands Zhaojun's resentment

Hanging feet near the river

Floor with mountain hanging

No defenses for ages

Bai Dai and Chou Mian

Badong wharf

Wushan old town

Twelve peaks of Wushan mountain

The name of the peak becomes the name of the street

Now the wizard of Oz is gone

Less rain and less clouds

Lin Jiang Guan Wu Shan county

Kuizhou ancient city

Ancient Qutang insurance

Wanzai Canyon is deep

Flat houses are crowded

The city gate is towering along the river bank

Fengjie old city wall