When children grow up to be teenagers

2021-05-01 14:13:54  作者:Life journey


sister's daughter 17 了 ,1.68 The size of , I have grown up in the evening . She is still the little fart in my memory , Follow me and call auntie , My aunt played with me .

When I was a child, she was very close to me , Back here, I left for Beijing , Come back once or twice a year , Get married and have children , Busy with your family , Gradually the feelings fade , I always feel that there is something between them , But children are children after all , No matter what you do to her , They are always full of trust and love for adults .

Come back this year , She is a sophomore in high school , I'm very busy . I'll buy cakes with my sister , I can make up myself , I will make complaints about my life , Her world is three-dimensional 、 youth 、 Confused and bored .

I still remember that I was like this at that time , Every day is very busy 、 Pain , Talk to your mother when you get home , Cry bitterly . Kids are under more pressure these days , achievement 、 friendship 、 family , They face too many , So confused .

But whose youth is not confused , Only in the past can we know , The confusion in youth is also a kind of beauty .

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