My son said, "I've eliminated all the junk food and left your health to you."

2021-05-01 13:52:54  作者:Life journey

May Day holiday , It's full of people everywhere . In addition, my son's college entrance examination is just around the corner , It's not good to run around .

So mother and son decided to stay at home for the holidays , Watch the circle of friends travel .

My son ordered breakfast last night , I want to eat shrimp wonton . But I see the fridge and yesterday's stewed chicken legs and eggs . Decided to make noodles to eat , The topping is marinated eggs and chicken legs .

As a result, my son was eating noodles with a big mouthful , While complaining that he didn't eat shrimp wonton . I also agreed to have McDonald's at noon .

Thinking of McDonald's, any set meal costs dozens of yuan , And my son, the big stomach King , One set meal is not enough , Add something else , Count down , Mother and son have a McDonald's , It's about a hundred dollars .

And I'm going to RT mart to change the clothes I bought yesterday . Then buy French fries and chicken and fry them yourself .

A packet of frozen French fries ,11.5 element , Yes 500 It's too much . I only blew up a third , It's the equivalent of a large McDonald's fries , You know, it's for McDonald's 15 Yuan? .

A packet of chicken nuggets is 8.5 element , The original price is 16.6 yuan . On May Day, activities were held . I blew up half a bag, too . There are twelve bucks . Madonna Laurie wants to sell a box of ten chicken nuggets 22 Yuan? .

My son is eating the fried chicken , French fries . It's infuriating to say that . I'm going to buy something ice to cool down .

I thought my son went to buy Wang Laoji herbal tea , As a result, I carried back a large bottle of coke . I just said , What's good about this soda ?

Pour it into the cup , Ask me if I want to drink . It's said that this soda has a flavor of essential oil . Rounding is drinking essential balm . It's a regimen . I'm choked speechless .

My son is eating chicken chips , Drinking the essential balm flavored salsa . And sighed , These are all junk food .

I thought about what he choked me just now , I just said . You're talking about junk food , I keep putting it in my mouth ..

Son said , mom , I'm trying to eliminate junk food , Leave your health to you ..

ok , It's biological , I'm not angry ...

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