Indulge in the landscape and human images of Western Hunan, for that hot land, but also for the people there

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The exhibition is divided into “ View mountains and rivers • See heaven and earth ”、“ Know the humanities • It's about inheritance ” and “ Product change • Looking for a witness ” Three units , A total of 65 This is a photographic work and Shen Congwen's precious manuscript 、 Huang Yongyu's original works of traditional Chinese painting , And there are Nuo masks on display 、 Flower belt 、 Batik 、 Woodcut New Year pictures and other objects , It represents the landscape of Western Hunan many years ago and now 、 Folk customs and cultural heritage 、 Historical changes , It shows the nature of Western Hunan in three dimensions 、 The humanities 、 The beauty of change . The exhibition period is 4 month 16 solstice 6 month 5 Japan .

As soon as I enter the art hall on the first floor of Hunan Provincial Museum , He was attracted by the beautiful mountains and rivers and the local customs of Western Hunan . therefore , I'm with a lot of audiences , With the introduction of photos and texts , Started the journey of Xiangxi .

Xiangxi area “ Great Xiangxi ”, The geographical scope includes Xiangxi Prefecture 、 Zhangjiajie City 、 Huaihua and Shaoyang 、 Parts of Yongzhou City . I don't know how many million years ago , The geological activities have made the mountains and rivers of Western Hunan look like a beautiful place , Xuefeng mountain 、 Wuling Mountain , Yuanshui 、 The Lishui River and other rivers together depict the topography of Western Hunan .

There are endless mountains in Western Hunan 、 range upon range of mountains , The water in Xiangxi is crisscross 、 the source is distant and the stream long , Qu Yuan 、 Tao Yuanming 、 Wang Yangming 、 Huang Yongyu 、 Shen Congwen and others once chanted poems here 、 Drink well 、 give lectures 、 Painting or growing up . Xiangxi people are hospitable , When the guests come to our house, they always kill chickens and ducks and treat them warmly , Unpolluted ingredients 、 Xiangxi wine with strong fragrance 、 The authentic long dragon banquet 、 Unique folk arts and crafts in Western Hunan ...... Xiangxi people welcome guests with ancient etiquette , Make a bonfire , Beat the drums and gongs , Wave your hands , Guests can't help but be intoxicated , linger .

Xiangxi surpasses 70% The forest coverage of , Xuefeng mountain has opened up mystery and noise , It's population density 、 The dividing line between dialect and nationality , It's also the dividing line between economic development and not ; Wuling Mountain is China's ecological green heart , There are a lot of dense forests that are rarely seen today ; The karst platform of karst landform has a unique beauty , cave 、 skylight 、 The waterfall 、 Rock pillars are all over the place , Under the platform is a deep karst gorge , On both sides of the canyon are rock pillars and dykes , Come in all shapes ; The Danxia of Langshan Mountain is the Danqing of the deep mountain , It looks like thousands of bamboo shoots are planted in the sky , If you look at it horizontally, it's like ten thousand horses galloping ; Zhangjiajie is famous for “ The mountain is steep 、 Feng Qi 、 Shui Xiu 、 Xiayou 、 Dongmei ” Is famous for its , It is the only sandstone peak forest landform in the world , It's a fabulous work , One of the holes and Tianmen , Attracting tourists from all directions .

There are hundreds of ancient towns in Yuanjiang River Basin , The ancient city of Qianyang is surrounded by water on three sides , It is an important border town in Hunan, Chu and Miao areas , It is known as the first ancient town in Western Hunan ; Lishui, one of the four major water systems in Hunan Province , It gave birth to a splendid Paleolithic culture ; Furong Town by Youshui , Known as yes “ The ancient town hanging on the waterfall ”; Youshui, the only river in China named after liquor, is known as the mother river of Tujia people ; The world's longest Tujia Fengyu bridge spans the laoche River, a tributary of Youshui , Will laochehe village 、 Liangjiazhai 、 Three ancient villages in rabala are connected together ; Aizhai bridge is on qianrenguan mountain , Turn the natural moat into a thoroughfare ; The family village is located at an altitude 700 On the high mountain platform of Duomi , It's surrounded by cliffs ; At the bottom of the valley, Dezhen village of Miao village is located at the bottom of the valley , The purple magpie terrace in Xuefeng mountain area is built along the contour line , It's a huge invisible reservoir .

Shen Congwen, a famous writer, has long believed that Xiangxi “ It's not easy to understand , Worth knowing ”. Tujia people 、 Miao is a minority who is good at singing and dancing , Each has its own language 、 Custom 、 dress 、 Architecture 、 music 、 Dance, etc . The total population of Tujia and Miao in Xiangxi Prefecture 2019 reach 235 ten thousand people , More than the total population of Western Hunan 80%.

Tujia's hand waving dance integrates dance art and physical fitness , go by the name of “ Oriental disco ”, It's a national intangible cultural heritage ; Xiangxi's steel fire dragon has been 300 Years of history , It symbolizes the blood and masculinity of a nation , A long lost state of existence and vigorous Xiangxi spirit ; Miao drum music is music 、 The perfect combination of dance , It's called inspiration , It is one of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage . Every Miao family has a fire pond , The fire never goes out , It symbolizes the prosperity of the Miao family . The cured fish and cured meat in Western Hunan is the homesickness that the travelers always care about . Sacrificial wine is a traditional sacrificial activity of the Miao family , It's also called baodongzhai .

The marriage customs of ethnic minorities in Western Hunan are very unique , The wedding dress of Dong nationality is bright and quiet 、 Gentle and elegant . Miao brides wear gold and silver 、 Prosperous and beautiful ; On the happy days of Miao's daughter , Those who meet their relatives will sing folk songs around the fire pool ; Crying Marriage is the marriage custom of Tujia people , When my daughter got married , The sweeter you cry, the better .

The love letters written by scholars in Western Hunan are unique and touching , A famous painter 、 The letter Huang Yongyu once wrote to his wife in the cowshed 、 Chen Quzhen's words to his deceased wife , The most unforgettable is the love words written by famous writer Shen Congwen to Zhang Zhaohe “ I know you'll come , So I've been waiting ”.

Batik in Xiangxi , It is a traditional textile and dyeing handicraft of ethnic minorities , It is one of the three ancient printing techniques , It's a national intangible cultural heritage ; Xiangxi Nuo mask , It is one of the ancient folk handicrafts , There are sacrifices 、 Exorcism 、 The war 、 Tiaoxiang and other masks , It is widely used to expel ghosts and diseases 、 Nuo opera 、 In sacrificial activities ; Ten fingers interweave the code of Hunan and Chu “ Xiangxi formula ”, It's a primitive body language , Cooperate with the ceremony of returning Nuo to complete the sacrificial activities . At the scene of the exhibition , We also see value 1 The original painting of Huang Yongyu 《 Xiangjiu KuanHuai 》, The painting captures all kinds of drunkards into the painting , It reflects the vivid scene of people in Xiangxi who are full of food and drink after labor .

Photographers follow Shen Congwen 1934 The road back home in , In the art of photography , Show the changes of a century , Looking for the changes of Xiangxi in the past and in the present . A few decades ago, most of the ferries moored at the ferry terminal were covered boats , Now it has been replaced by freighters and passenger ships . Xiangxi people go to the market to go to the market , According to the lunar calendar , There is a sharp contrast between the bazaar in the era of material shortage and the bazaar full of modern commodities ; Chadong is a border town in Huayuan County, Western Hunan , Located in Hunan 、 qian 、 At the junction of Chongqing and Chongqing ,15 It was changed into a border town two years ago , Later, it was selected into the first batch of small towns with Chinese characteristics .

2012 The Aizhai bridge across Dehang Grand Canyon was opened to traffic , Has become one of the wonders of the world . Xiangxi used to be called “ Wu Xi man di ”, There is a legacy of witchcraft and Nuo ; Shibadong village was once a famous poor village , Now out of poverty , It has become a new era of Peach Blossom Land ; 50 The ancient city of Fenghuang two years ago is compared with the ancient city of Fenghuang in recent years , Now the buildings on both sides of the Tuojiang River have been renovated , The wind and rain tower on the Hongqiao bridge rises from the ground . Decades ago , Xiangxi people cut wood for rice , Put the trees in a big row , Discharge in Yuan river , Later, the highway 、 Railway transportation has replaced water transportation , There has been a sharp decrease in the number of people engaged in discharging , Now we can't see the rafts along the river , I can't hear the number ; Xiangxi has long been out of poverty , Entering a new era of openness and prosperity .

The exhibition has three interactive areas . A lot of young people crowded in “ Print the most beautiful love words ” The place of , Make a seal out of the classic love words of your favorite literary masters , Put love words on the wall 、 Printed on free postcards , Ready to give it to your favorite ; The representative works of Tantou New Year pictures 《 Yipin is in power 》 A simple rubbing , Can take the intangible cultural heritage home ; The audience can draw wine bottles by hand , Custom personalized wine bottle can hold wine , It can also be used for graffiti creation , Many of the audience picked up the paint , Hold the bottle , Enjoy the creativity in your heart on the empty bottle . I'm also in line to participate one by one , I experienced .