There's something special about being alone

2021-05-01 13:06:39  作者:Photography

Today is may day , The school had a five-day long holiday , Most of the students and roommates have gone home , This makes the noisy campus quiet down .

I got up early in the morning , Take out my long cherished bread and butter , With the milk to solve the breakfast , There's nothing to think about , Decide to go for a good walk alone .

Although the sun is quite big , The wind blows across my face, but I can still feel the summer heat , Although it's five or six kilometers from the school to the park , But I'm still walking leisurely towards my goal .

It's normal all the way , Nothing new was found , On the way through a tunnel , It's about three or four hundred meters .

A person's mood is very calm , It's been four days since I came to Jianshu , What articles should I rewrite today ? Just keep a diary .

After more than an hour's journey , I finally got to my destination . The trees are full of shade , Blocking the scorching sun , Wiped the sweat off my forehead , The sound of birds is in my ears , I'm lying on a stone bench , The sun hit me in the face through the leaves .

I got up and came to the lake next to me , Dragonflies hover around the reed marshes by the lake , Occasionally a few fish come out of the water with a small head , When the breeze blows past , Like a frightened cat, he quickly hid himself , Two mountains in the distance are reflected in the lake , It's like an underwater inverted pyramid .

The wind blows through the treetops , Bursts of fragrance came to my nose , The leaves are rubbing against each other ~ The noise of the , Everything is so calm .

In this moment, I seem to understand what is scenery , In the past, primary school and junior high school , The composition assignment assigned by the teacher , I always like to search on the Internet and get things done in a hurry , As for the line of scenery inside , I can't feel it at all . It's hard to show the magic of nature with a single pen , You can only get close to it , Let nature inspire you .