How often does Omega watch maintain

2021-05-01 12:42:58  作者:Photography

When it comes to brand watches , Naturally, a lot of kids will think of , Omega , rolex , The world watch and so on , In fact, a watch represents the temperament and identity of a man or woman , Most business people , Or noble ladies will wear it , One is identification , In one is nobility ! Most successful people care about time , Buying a brand watch is basically everyone's pursuit .

Omega diefei series mechanical men's watch

But some brands of watches need regular maintenance , How often do you maintain the expensive watch like Omega ? Let's talk about .

Daily maintenance of Omega watch

For a watch , Whether it's Omega or other brands , If you take it too long , There will be a lot of dirt , Because we are usually easy to get dust , sweat stain , It makes the watch dirty , This time on the case of the Omega watch , Watch strap and other appearance cleaning , You can use a soft brush to gently wipe with detergent , Then dry it with a soft cloth , If the watch is not waterproof, pay special attention when cleaning it . If the strap is leather , Do you want water .

Omega watch comprehensive maintenance

Generally, for Omega, ordinary models can 3-5 Once a year , Such as changing lubricating oil . If we use Omega coaxial Technology ,10 Annual maintenance is no problem . For a watch like Omega , Don't do maintenance too often , It's a waste of money .