May day

2021-05-01 12:18:20  作者:Literary FM

May Day

Come quietly in anticipation

Look through the window

The sun is shining The sky is clear

A close-up view of the mountains a wild profusion of vegetation

It's a rare fine weather this spring

This year's May Day

The significance is extraordinary

It's the first after the domestic epidemic

Some people choose the countryside

Some people choose to travel outdoors

Some people choose to return home to visit their relatives

Some people choose to practice behind closed doors

Some people choose to get together with friends

Some choose to meditate

Some people choose to volunteer

Some people choose to read in the library

I choose to spend time with my old mother


Whatever you choose

Hope everyone

Full and happy

May day every year

“ Labor is the most glorious ”

Always echoing in my heart

Throughout the history of social development

It's not hard to see.

Labor creates all civilizations in the world

No labor

There would be no human afterlife

Maybe it's a career

May day every year

I'm all for lovely teeth

Silent praise

White as jade teeth

A year

365 days

Stick to your position


Give in silence

bear hardship without complaint

Little teeth

It's amazing

Let you enjoy the delicious food

Make your smile sweet

I want you to talk forcefully

Live in the world

Labor is everyone's responsibility and mission

Only with unremitting efforts and hard work

Life will be more meaningful

Life will be more beautiful

When may day comes

Let's stick to our posts

A laborer who gives in silence

To express our deepest gratitude and respect

I wish them peace and health Happy holidays

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