Long lines of poetry

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《 Your smile 》

Your smile
From the quietest village at dawn
Like lotus , Eyes full of poverty in February

A horse's hoof goes over a blind wasteland
Green wheat and love
Did you find the owner

Look at the end of spring night
Look at the fall of autumn flesh
Look at the short tail of youth

Look at your smile
Heading for Urumqi on a snowy night

Your smile
One third of me
But the river is all

Went to the , The sentimental Shule River
Went to the , The prodigal son of Turpan
Went to the , The vast world
Farewell. , Your smile

(2014.3.1, To the woman I ran into on the train to Urumqi )

《 Farewell. , Yamalik 》

Farewell. , Yamalik
Never come near you
Across the world , Long river and blessing

Looking at you from the loneliest eyes of Hongshan
Thoughts and stories piled up on the ridge
Red mountain , Let's go wandering with me

Farewell. , My yamalik
Whose past and future lives are imprisoned in the demon tower
Whose track leads to the summit and freedom
The tall Xiangying has not been seen yet

Ice and snow are about to start a new journey
Through the love of grass and soil, back to the sea
The sea , We'll all go

Farewell. , The beloved yamalik
Deep in the night has burned out in the light
Spring has already arrived
In spring, there are butterflies with one wing and birds with two wings

Farewell. , The beloved yamalik
Yamalik , You have Lando

2014.3.2 In Urumqi hotel ( Good morning! , to z)

《 shepherd 》

Never had Hawthorn wrapped in sugar
He's had wind
The wind from the lonely Qinghai Lake
—— Eyes swallow

Never had neon or dark night
The graceful carcass of the city
But eat the latest sun , The earliest moon

I'm used to leaving myself far away
Gods and Gao Yuanfeng live far away

The wind blows over the setting sun
The pastures are full of crazy metaphors
The story of running one by one drowned in the lake at night
On the bones of time , Full of wrinkles and Dimples

2014.3.3( night ) Wencheng Hotel, Daotanghe, Qinghai

《 Inverted River 》

( One )

No one's looking for it in March
Sister, you are thin and barren
Thin and barren
How can I find your lips

Northerly wind
In the reeds
On a pile of sheep dung
The sun was yellow

tonight , Inverted River
The moon is gone
Sister, just hold me
When you hold me
Happy March , Sheep and horses are warm
Love, she's beautiful

( Two )

The wind goes with you , The reed flowers go with you
I'll go with you, too
Look, they love each other , Look at them till they die

2014.3.3( night ) Wencheng Hotel, Daotanghe, Qinghai

《 Yedulan 》

There's no light , March is warm
Your black coat blows
Blow over the stranger's hometown and distance

Cattle and horses have no sleep at night , listen
The gnawed weeds grow wildly , Happy and noble

Your river is silent
My footprints have nothing to love

2014.3.5( night ) In Dulan County Motel

《 First lover 》

Long kneeling on the ground , Facing the spring
The March wind can't lift the stump of love

In the short night of Golmud
I am destined to live in no fixed place

The breath of youth comes from afar
The river hisses , Wild horses yield to
I'll ride it away from my wife and children , Betray your homeland

The first horseshoe marks the broken back of youth
Golmud , You're silent
Like the desolate face of the woman in the grass

2014.3.6( night ) Yugolmud hotel

《 Tibet blue 》

Don't say it's a color
God's back garden
Full of flowers you haven't seen before

The sky devours the earth
A group of yaks are gnawing at rocks
A meadow is thinking far away
Quiet down , The wings of a Tibetan eagle

You don't have feet and lust
Away from the world and the body
Losing the village and the wheat

You have only one piece of land in late autumn
I'm not tired of digging one word of religious stories

You die in your eyes
You live on top of your head

2014.3.12( On the evening of , train )

《 Wet bridge 》

Passing by Tibet , Passing by Lhasa
Passing by Potala Palace, passing by you

The wandering of scholars , It's none of your business.
Sanskrit is kind , It's none of your business.
Ants will die , It's none of your business.

Strange fingers through your messy hair
It's none of your business.

2014.7.15 Yu Zhuhai

《 The potala palace , How old are you 》

The potala palace , How old are you
Blue head , The loneliness of blue
Red face , Red conversion

The potala palace , How old are you
Yellow eyes , Huang's religion
White skin , White faith

How old are you , The potala palace
The golden sun , The God of gold
Green plants , Green disciples

How old are you , The potala palace
Flying prayer flags , The falling sound of Zen
High flying eagle , Low life

Turn the warp tube around the finger a hundred times
The potala palace , How old are you
How old are you , Ask you about Potala Palace

2014.7.15 Yu Zhuhai

《 I'm leaving 》

I'm leaving
Riding a horse that's not a horse
Riding the cold March of spring

The wild yak didn't keep me
Xueshan didn't see me off
Vultures don't resent me ……

I just left
Going further and further

I will come back
I'm just going further and further

2014.7.17 Yu Zhuhai

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