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When the setting sun is scattered in a corner of the city , It's time to make a wine appointment . And then , Small A I will definitely choose a pub in the back alley , Order a few dishes : pig's-head meat 、 Fried kidney with scallion , And boiled soybeans . They're all my favorite dishes , How many years we've been together has forgotten , It's like I was born with her by my side , More sad things , I'm afraid we'll be together for the rest of our lives .

Shall we get married , It's something we've been thinking about . She laughed at me for looking like ribs , No manliness ; I teased her that she had only one couple A, But he's pretentious . Once I was in love and drunk , Squeeze her shoulders with both hands , say :“ You see , You have to be right A, We are only suitable for total brothers .”

We are brothers , The best brother .

“ Which card are you going to play tonight , Because those girls are not worth it , Cheating on men who play with women's affections ” She's blinded , The corners of the eyes are a little long and thin , Never speak so slowly , Even if there's a big disaster out there , Man is about to die out , She can say it without delay . occasionally , I really want to strangle her , This damned temperament .

“ Tonight , I turn the hearts K, I like her harmless face , I'm more crazy than anyone .”

Me and the hearts K, Meet in a nightclub . I'm a lousy bar singer , Three days of fishing and two days of net drying , Sometimes small A They will scold me , Ask me where my future is , I said I like wandering , I like the life of red light and red wine , Otherwise, we have to go home and inherit 200 million assets .

And small A I'm sure I'll spit peppermint on my face , Damn it , Even the saliva is thin and shriveled , Cause every time I sing in a bar , Singing Zhao Zhuan “ If you can be brave ”, They all sing like “ If you can be fuller ”. What's waiting for me is endless boos , And fruit skin on my handsome face , This is exactly the time when I am the most coquettish , My long hair , How cool it is to float , I'm afraid of myself .

That's when , A beautiful woman came to buy me a drink .“ Long island , More tequila .” I'm a little bit casual sitting on the card seat , It's only a millimeter away from her . There are green teeth on the exotic red lips , Long eyelashes 、 The harmless faces of human beings and animals , Actually with little A It's kind of similar , Damn it , How could I think that .

That night , We don't seem to belong to the world , Only belong to each other , She's a little bit of an expression of her beauty , And I seem to be ready to give her a good relief . little does one think , I just have her emptiness and loneliness like ashes .

“ This time, , Whose card are you going to play , When will it be my turn !” Small A It's not normal today , Said a little playfully .

I have a peanut in my pocket , Chew with relish , A mouthful of jiangxiaobai almost choked tears , I looked at the little girl with a little disdain A My chest , The meaning can't be more obvious , When you grow up , That's when I flip you , I laughed a little wickedly .

“ Come on , Brother , We drink together .”

Go home after drinking , I sleep alone on the sofa as usual , The bed doesn't seem to fit me , The sofa is more conducive to sleep , I often think so , Do it yourself . Cause me many years , Sleeping in bed , The bad habit of sleeping on the couch .

Vaguely , The phone rings again , This time J It's from , Small J It's my ex girlfriend from college , Even if we separate , They still keep the relationship between them , We're all scum in essence , I used her money , She uses my body . Sometimes I think , What is our relationship now , At last, I come to a conclusion , I'm worse than her , That's how we spent two years , She said goodbye to me tonight .

“ I said go to hell , Now that we've found someone , Just have a good life , Don't come .” I'm a little angry at her confession , And a little relieved that she finally found a home . After all, it's the right thing for adults to get together and get together . A little disdainful of my profession , Of course I can understand , A lousy bar singing , Can't give anyone a future , Sometimes I'll be with little A Make fun of , If I don't sing well , Will go home and inherit 200 million assets , Small A Always shining in both eyes , hi , What a silly girl .

“ How did you get in , When did you have my key .” I just said a few words , Small J I've got her hot lips in my mouth , I pushed her away .

“ You are crazy !”

“ I'm not crazy , One last time , Would you like to go back to the South with me .”

“ Don't go to , I'm not going to , I'm not going to flatter your feet , Don't look down on me , What's wrong with the resident singing , I love this profession. What's the matter .” I turned over and ignored her , I naturally remember , When she comes back to Jiangnan , Her family's bossing , And the sense of superiority carved in the bones . I can imagine life after marriage , If it wasn't for the baby J Face , I may choose to leave on the spot . No matter whether one is rich or poor , Equal, at least in personality .

The days and months we separated , I'm really sad . I finally understand that there are many things in this world that are out of place , Like me and little J Between , Maybe it was a mistake in the beginning . We're like parallel lines , No matter how hard you try , It doesn't seem to help . A lot of times we try to get close to , For example, she let go of her bad temper , I let go of my poor self-esteem , The fact proved that , It won't help when we get there .

Once I wanted to be a promising young man , Find a serious class , Settle down slowly , Work slowly , In exchange for his parents' sarcasm , Their meaning can't be more obvious , Or leave her daughter , Or go home with her , Eat soft food , Better than anything . I used to close my eyes , Try to persuade yourself , Soft rice is really delicious . But every time you make up your mind , Small J There will always be a fuss , I understand, too , A family like that , The first lady must have a temper . But if in the end , When everyone can't stand with me , What should I do .

Small J Sitting on the edge of the sofa , Not a word , I can hear her sobbing , But I couldn't try to comfort her again . We separate , Not because I don't love , It's because we're all tired .

Actually , The world is simple , You want dignity , You have to have equal economic power . If I'm really like I'm joking , Say there are 200 million assets , None of this matters , Maybe they have a different attitude towards me .

Four years of love , It's finally over . It's time to see you all again .

There's nothing wrong with being a bar singer , Use small A Words , I can flip the cards , Just about a lonely and empty woman . In fact, I am lonelier than anyone .

For a while , I like singing best 《 Southern girl 》.

Use small A Words , I seem to have run away from several girlfriends , Like a sad man who has been green many times .

I feel a little sad at the thought of it . not so bad , Whether I'm sad or sad , Small A Always by my side . Sometimes I think , Just like this and the little A Life is good for a lifetime . But I'm absolutely unfair to her , No kidding , I think of her as a brother .

also , I doubt it , Every time I joke , She's got both eyes , She doesn't really think I have 200 million assets .

Damn it , It's just a prank !

My poor family , There's no room for any city girl , I should go home , I am destined to belong to the grassland .

The clouds all over the sky , The white hada belongs to me ; The sheep , The grassland covered with excrement and urine belongs to my temperament . Sometimes I think , Why do I look like ribs , I should be as strong as a hill , It's like I don't understand A Why is it always right A equally , I laughed badly .

“ Tonight? , I wonder how you ?”

Small A Chuckling , At that moment, I thought she was so charming . I'm even a little excited , Maybe my beautiful hometown , Can make small A Open a little longer , I laugh more and more freely .

Oh, my God , I had a chill . That moment , I feel hopeless .

I'm leaving , I said goodbye to the city . I give myself back to the grassland , Every day I ride a horse and herd sheep , Drink every night to soothe the dead intestines .

The moon on the grassland is so big , I can't sleep at night . As soon as the wind blows, I can hear the sound of my own bones . Sometimes I think the moon is a ladder , What on earth is hidden at that end . My dream is a blur , I sometimes think about playing with hearts K The dew of love , I have something to think about J I don't want to talk about it , More time , I prefer to think about small A, Brothers are always brothers , I think so , We are the happiest together , As carefree as a plant .

I'm writing poetry , I am reading a book , I'm writing a historical novel , I got on the white horse , Galloping across the grassland , I'm a cosmopolitan .

I've had insomnia many times , I had a good sleep, too , It's like dying , Quietly , Quietly .

When I wake up , I found white walls on all sides , I smell the disinfectant from the hospital , My limbs are covered with bandages .

“ You're such a loser , Even riding a horse can hurt yourself .” Look for prestige , I see little A Slender eyes .

That moment , I cry like a child !

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