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2021-05-01 11:54:38  作者:Photography

Take a 30% discount notice ,

Step into the rippling Dream Lake .

Half of the wreckage ,

Witness the birth of the Green Pheasant .

See the simple insight ,

The texture of Ginkgo and Wutong , A new hope is formed ,

The sallow of Mulan ,

The peace and tolerance of Bauhinia ,

With endless expectations ,

The fruits of bitaoyuan ,

Willow shade beside the lake of promise ,

Push our pilgrimage forward .

The pendulum of Mingde tower ,

Still as it is ,

But always blowing the horn ,

Opened a new life .

The direction on the chessboard ,

Casting the game of life ,

The relationship in the twilight years is the cohesion of happiness ,

When life is hard , Enjoy the beautiful scenery .

Burning like fire , My heart will live forever .