Changsha Photography: a little sister

2021-05-01 11:54:33  作者:Photography

For the third time, I asked Xiaozi to take a picture .

The first ray of sunshine falls from the windowsill in the morning , The cat at the corner of the bed stretches in front of the tree shadow , It whines to remind me that it's time to get up .

Turn on the phone and receive a message from Xiaozi .

“ Ouyang , I miss you! .”

“ If you want to take a picture, just say it !”

“ Ha ha ha , You know me .”

This is a wanghong punch in place on the outskirts of Xingsha , Forgive me for forgetting the name of the place , Xiaozi recommends , There is an overpass that goes up into the sky , There seems to be a canal in the middle of the overpass , It seems to be a big project in the 1970s and 1980s .

I still remember seeing Xiaozi for the first time , It was three years ago , At that time, she was an ignorant college student , We got to know each other through a bet in Songya lake .

My fellow photographers bet with me , If you want to go to Xiaozi's wechat , This month's cigarettes he packed . good heavens , It's not a cigarette delivery ?

“ Cute girl , Add a contact information ?”

“ Why only my ?”

“ because , You are beautiful. .”

I remember when Xiaozi would blush , I still remember her smile in shame at that time , Now I grow up , It's going to hurt me .

“ What are you doing around here , I'm tired of running with you in my skirt !” You see , Now the exit is critical hit .

Find the right angle and background , Xiaozi skillfully put out all kinds of shapes , It's like a young model .

“ I want that kind of elegant feeling , Flying in the wind .” Xiaozi stands on the endless grass , Open your hands , The beautiful sun passed the hair beside her ears , Reflected on the soil , It's like a layer of gold .

The shooting took two hours , I was put in for two hours .

“ Can you be a gentleman , They don't even give me an umbrella .”

“ ah , This one doesn't look good , Delete it for me !”

“ Are you a pig? , My legs are numb and I don't even want to get up !”

Towards evening , On the way home , Xiaozi runs all the way , Singing songs of unknown tune , Don't forget to laugh at me .

“ You were single three years ago , Now or , I'm worried about you !”


hi , Make friends carelessly .