[daily] talk about why we do Archaeology and happy Labor Day!

2021-05-01 11:50:06  作者:Life journey

First , I wish you all a happy Labor Day ! Labor is the most glorious !

In the great tide of the times a hundred years ago , The International Workers' movement is a shining wave . It has won us such eight hour working system 、 Welfare like may day , So while having a good holiday , And don't forget what this festival means .

Archaeology belongs to the humanities and social sciences , The humanities and Social Sciences I understand is the study of people in a social sense , The objects of archaeology include all the objects left by human beings 、 Architecture 、 Marks, etc . That is, the human beings of the past . And infer from it what happened in the past , Reconstruct the society of the past .

Why archaeology ?

The first is to satisfy one's curiosity , Because it's really possible to access all kinds of knowledge .

The second is a sense of responsibility . A country without culture is fragile , The strength that keeps the Chinese people united is spiritual , Because we have the same blood 、 Language 、 Culture . So it is particularly important to explore the past of the Chinese nation . How our nation was born , What kind of twists and turns did it take to get to today , What are the splendid cultures , It's all about archaeology . therefore , Archaeology is an important part of China's disciplinary system .

A few words , I can't express my feelings for archaeology , Here is the narration , It's also for the sake of understanding the mind and correcting the mind , Better support yourself to go on .

Finally, I wish you all a happy may day ! Please pay attention to safety outside !

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