May day, Linfang on the top of chicken coop

2021-05-01 11:48:15  作者:Photography

Du Yu sleeps soundly ,

Facing the spring like silk .

It's a pity that I'm drunk ,

Meet a smile when flowers fall .

The east wind shakes down a tree and a flower , The fairies are blooming in the wind , Just when you arrived , It's flying and scattering . Today's jilongding alpine meadow , It is also the most beautiful in the world .

The petals that fell to the ground were just a living cuckoo , The cry has gone to sleep , Lie on the grass and have a rest ?

In the case of “ Steal half a day's leisure ” Good days for you , Pack your back , Climb the mountain meadow on the top of chicken coop , Watch a tree blossom , Listen to a rain , This is the most important thing in life .

Discover the scenery , Sharing pictures , The eyes of a thousand people , There are a thousand kinds of beauty .

At this moment , I want to make a camp on the top of the chicken coop .

There are flowers and trees on the meadow , You have me , Enjoy the breeze , When the moon comes .

Where is the mountain , Trees in , Flowers in , The meadow is , you are here , I am here , Now is the most beautiful present .

I'm standing here , How far is it from you ? I hope it's zero distance .

Sister is a person with a story . Come on ! I'll wait for you in the big meadow on the top of the chicken coop !