May day hi hi

2021-05-01 11:42:25  作者:Photography

April is the end of the world . My husband asked me , Is the Begonia blooming ? It is no wonder that , This April is in a hurry , Accompany mother-in-law to do cataract surgery for more than a week , I went back to my hometown to visit my parents for a week , So no time no mood to miss the flowering season of Begonia , It seems that I missed a friend I've seen for a long time . And men are flower blind , Every year flowers bloom but don't know .“ The May Day ”, It's the little tail of spring , It's just like the festival of hi . Early in the morning , We choose to travel by bus , Go to the North Bank of Tangdao Bay . The sea breeze in Qingdao is still cool , I still shoot as I walk , An endless enjoyment .

A lot of people like to keep fit during the holidays

Take a jump on the court

Cycling father and son

Take a picture

Walk the dog

Climb high

Mother and son eat the same sugar gourd

Tired, lying on the beach blowing the wind

The road of sunshine

The last one is my name “ The road of sunshine ”, I asked my husband if he remembered ? You and Jamie used to sit face to face on a big round stone , Look at each other and smile . That's a picture I took . Husband said , It's been years . I stare at the stone , If you sit on it and feel that something is missing ……

No one lives in heaven every day , Life is not easy . Happy people have an ordinary heart , Happiness consists in contentment . “ The May Day ” Hi up , enjoy happy life .