Happiness is more important than success

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Teacher he Yaojun has been engaged in education all his life , After retirement, continue to use waste heat to warm more flowers . This article is from the teacher's blog , Written in 2017 year 2 month 26 Japan .

Words for young friends ——1、 Happiness is more important than success

Do you want to succeed ? There is no doubt that there is only one answer to this question : Want to .

What is success ? More recently , A good result in an exam is success ; Winning the championship in sports is success ; It's a success to get a full house of artistic performances ; Making a small invention is success ……; Far from it , It is a success to be admitted to an ideal university according to one's own wishes ; Finding a satisfying job in the workplace is success ; Happy marriage 、 Family happiness is success ; The greatest success is the ultimate realization of the ideal of life .

in summary , Does success matter ? Of course important. . No wonder the world , From children to youth , From the prime of life to the old age, we should be conscientious 、 Hard work has paid countless costs for the realization of the goals in their hearts . As the saying goes :“ You don't succeed , Then Cheng Ren ”, It can be seen that the position of success is supreme . That's exactly what happened , From the perspective of Psychology , The needs of life can be divided into five levels from low to high : Physiological needs , The need for security , The need for affection and subordination , The need of aesthetics and the need of self realization . What I'm talking about here “ The need for self actualization ” It refers to the realization of the goal of life , That's the ultimate success .

Because success is important , Make people learn 、 Once you encounter setbacks and failures in your work and life, you will suffer a lot , depressed 、 Decadent , It's not even going to recover , Lose the courage to live . At this time , Even if their relatives and friends come out to comfort and encourage, it doesn't help . Why? ? So that they only know that success is important , But I don't know that there are more important things in the world than success .

What is more important than success ? The answer is happiness , It's a good attitude . Looking at all times and at home and abroad , No successful person is unhappy , It's not just when they finally succeed , And it runs through the whole process of success . Even in the face of difficulties , Bear the pain that others can't bear , Their hearts are still full of happiness . They just rely on “ He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man ” Only with strong willpower and extraordinary optimism can we finally succeed . Edison, the world famous great inventor, had more than 1100 inventions in his life , He is a great success . But who knows , The setbacks he encountered were a hundred times more than his success 、 A thousand times ! There is a , One of his assistants accidentally caused a violent explosion while doing the experiment , The fire completely destroyed his lab , Face the cruel reality , Both his wife and his assistant felt very sorry and sad . At this time, Edison not only did not have the slightest depression , Instead, he comforted the people around him and said :“ No problem , What the fire burns away is just problems and mistakes .” He also pointed to the fire that had not been burned out , Jokingly, he said to his wife, who was standing on one side crying :“ You see , How beautiful the flame is , I've never seen such a brilliant flame before !” It is with this extraordinary optimism that , Edison step by step ascended the throne of the world's great inventor .

Follow the path of a successful person , We have found an intriguing Philosophy —— Success is important , Happiness is more important than success .

The United States NBA The level of basketball is well known , It is said that if every Olympic Games can allow NBA If you're going to take part in the team , So those who can be shortlisted NBA There are at least 20 teams .NBA There is only one secret to the success of the team : All the players play for fun ; Kenya is famous for the hometown of the flying man , Because Kenyans like to run when they are young , And proud to have Scud ; The reason why Lang Lang became the youngest Piano Master in the world , The only reason is that he loved music when he was young , Playing the piano is the greatest pleasure in his life ; Twenty students from the junior class of Mathematics Department of Peking University participated in a world Olympic mathematics competition , Six places in total , And the top three of the competition , When the reporter went to interview , They told reporters that , The reason for this achievement , It's because they like math . Every time I do a math problem, I feel excited and happy .

Many students often feel depressed for their poor academic performance , Even if parents help themselves with tutoring , The result is still not up to . What's the reason ? The reason is that you just take learning as a task , Or it's to hand over to parents , Deal with the teacher's supervision , Instead of seeing it as a fun activity , As a kind of enjoyment . Some students are also interested in learning a certain course , But when they encounter setbacks and failures, they retreat . In fact, they don't understand that any failure is not absolute failure , And every failure contains a factor of success . One hundred marks in the exam is success , 60 is not success ? If you don't know what you're learning , Can you still get 60 points ? Besides, , Through the examination, you can analyze the problem of points deduction , Correct the mistake in time , It makes up for the deficiency of knowledge , Isn't this a new success ?

Success is the result , Struggle is a process , Happiness is the driving force . No motivation , The process can't go on , There would be no result . The joy and happiness after success load a more powerful power for the next struggle process . Success is important , Happiness is more important than success .

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