See you in April. Hello in May

2021-05-01 11:30:53  作者:Photography travel works

1.《 See you in April 》

April is intoxicating ,

More like bees and butterflies kiss stamens .

Have the heart to keep company with flowers ,

I have no intention of matchmaking .

The branches bear fruit , The flowers are fading ,

The leaves are green .

The fallen leaves have gone with the flowing water ,

Welcome the summer and farewell the spring .

2.《 Hello in May 》

Fangfei is still in April ,

May is coming .

Rose rose in early summer ,

Purple and jade cover the locust forest .

At the beginning of summer , The grass Muxing ,

Winter wheat, early rice, green wormwood .

Sun and water warm geese and ducks ,

Under the moon, the pond frogs are singing .

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