In late spring, it's Ding Xiangkai

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Lilac , Also known as Xiaoye Qiaoling flower , The calyx is purple , The Corolla is purplish red , When it's in full bloom, it's light purplish red on the outside , flowering 5-6 month , It blooms twice a year , Spring and 8-9 month , So it is called four seasons clove, and the inflorescence is full of the whole plant when it blooms in spring , The fragrance overflowed , It's a good view , It has become a famous garden plant .

Before the lilacs bloom , Its inflorescence is paniculate , It's like a human heart , The flower buds are all over the branches , It's in bud , It's like a person's worry , Full of silk knots , So it's called “ Clove knot ”. Ancient writers often used lilac to describe people's melancholy , It's hard to solve , It is used to describe the sorrow of parting , As a result, lilac has become a common sentimental flower in the works of ancient poets .

Lilac , The plants are beautiful , Elegant and noble , The crown is full , with luxuriant foliage . Petals are divided into single petal and double petal , The colors are lavender 、 white 、 Blue, purple, etc .

Luoyang spring ( Lilac )

author : Wei Xiang Dynasty : Song dynasty

It's cool and fragrant .

Cut snow with powder and gold .

I hate the spring breeze for no reason , I don't understand 、 Thousands of knots .

Koizumi Koizumi .

The moon in smoke .

Beautiful woman's slim hand and soft bar , I can't bear it 、 Light climbing and folding .