The uncle who called me a child, let me grow up

2021-05-01 11:30:24  作者:Photography

Do you have such an experience , Not at the time , In fact, it took a long time to know those unimportant things , Make yourself more complete .

This is a story about my brother who likes to call me a child . He called himself uncle , No matter how old I am , Just call him uncle LAN !

From now on , It's been five or six years . It was a summer vacation , When I met you, it was just because I had some abdominal muscles , Uncle LAN thinks I'm great , And I started to study the relationship between diet and fitness .

It's not , Uncle LAN is also a fitness lover . When I went to his home for the first time, I found that there were special sports equipment in his home ! Staple food is not mixed with oil and salt , Mainly sugar free oats ! I feel like vomiting after eating sugar free oats for the first time , I can't adapt to such a diet , He can also play the piano , I have to let people have some admiration !

Since about that time , There is such a powerful person to admire , Only in this way can you make your life more clear !

Actually, when I first met uncle lan , Often quarrel with him , The main thing is that we often talk about a lot of things , Talking about disagreements , Sometimes I get angry , Let go of right and wrong , Such a friend , Wax my troubles , Let me avoid a lot of mistakes !

later , Whenever there's a problem , My first thought is uncle LAN . Ask Uncle Lan's opinion first , Accept it or not ! I have this in my heart , It's going to be nice !

I'm a complete road geek , He taught me how to find the route through the map , I didn't like to learn at first , Maybe it's because there's such a safe person with you , There's no need to worry too much . That's the last time we meet , I happen to have an exam in Huicheng , He specially came to Huicheng to see me for the last time because he was admitted as a civil servant in his hometown .

How to find a cheaper place to live , How to find the bus route , How to eat can save money . He didn't need to teach later , The last meeting seemed like an acceptance , Review all the knowledge he taught me in recent years .

His last advice to me is not to worry too much about yourself , Clearly such a sunny boy , How to look always depressed , Negative energy don't keep piling up , More action , Anything can be solved !

Looking back on the years I've been with him , Although we don't meet many times , But at that time, I was really chatting every day , All kinds of social situations !

Later on, self-discipline , He's half involved ! Uncle Lan's life always affects me imperceptibly , In order to live the life you like , He quit his job in the bank , Later, I was admitted to the civil service through review ! Like one thing , I can really put a lot down , Start again ! There are goals ahead , I'm not afraid of failure , It's a big deal. It's a big deal !

With Uncle Lan's strength , So I'm more disciplined , His life , His experience , It affects me all the time !

I met uncle LAN several times in Guangzhou , He took me half of Guangzhou in the shortest time ! Wherever you go , He always has the best strategy , Which section of the road choose to walk , transit , Subway or bike sharing , He arranged it clearly .

With him around , It's like bringing a universal treasure , Don't think about anything , Just give it to him all the way !

I took the subway so many times in Guangzhou , I still don't know which way to go , Just get to the station , He'll come out and take me away the first time . When you have a sense of security around you , Go ahead bravely , I'm not afraid of mistakes , Because there will be someone who will tolerate mistakes and help me correct them .

Later I left uncle lan , Make your own decisions about everything ! I learned how to look at maps , How to take the bus and subway , How to solve problems , What factors need to be considered before doing something , Because of his reminder , I also kick the negative energy out .

I used to be in a crowd , Afraid of other people's eyes , I don't know what to do , Uncle Lan said to me , Don't always be embarrassed , You don't have that much audience , Everyone is very busy , I don't have much time to pay attention to you , Just be yourself !

Now? , No matter how many people there are , Do as you like , It also makes me hold such a big camera , Standing on the street , Shoot without shame or impatience . No longer afraid of the eyes of the crowd , No longer afraid of being lost in the crowd , It's just the person who led me to grow up , I can't find it now !

The child has also grown up , This uncle has completed the task that he can teach children , So leave the kids !

Whether it's uncle , Or is it just a brother five or six years older than the children , Uncle LAN is still a guide for children's transition from campus to society !