Sense of Labor Day

2021-05-01 11:30:02  作者:Photography

Today is international labor day . The common festival of workers all over the world .

The birth and evolution of human beings , It's all about work ! No labor , There is no human today ! Of course, there must be no tomorrow . The most realistic sentence , When we cut in line , The villagers criticized the way that individual people didn't like to work and just wanted to rest “ I'll ask for a board with you. I just want to stop farming , Drink from the West !”

Maybe it's a holiday for workers , God is awesome. , The wind blows , Blue sky . The sun is shining in the sky , Trees cultivated by hard work of foresters , It looks more heroic and beautiful . For the working people's festival added glory ! I used to be the defender of the two mountains , For green water and green mountains is Jinshan Yinshan dedicated decades , Despite all the hardships , But as a laborer , Very happy , I'm very glad , It's a great honor !