Yu Chen Yi Wan

2021-05-01 11:28:58  作者:Photography

“ The wind in summer , I always remember . Say clearly that you love me ……” The playground after dinner is not as cold as it is at noon . Boys and girls go with each other , Sweet talk all the way . The music on the radio is just a tool to play up the atmosphere . The boy without a coat is playing basketball , The screams from time to time make people turn back ……

The girl walked alone on the busy track , A pair of watery eyes on the white face , No matter how wide the black frame glasses are, they can't cover up the purity of the girl . The blushing cheeks show the shyness and shyness a girl should have . With the Chemistry Manual in your right hand , Turn the pen with your left hand . Frown slightly, as if trapped by the title ……