Echo of years

2021-05-01 11:28:54  作者:Photography

May , In the year of Sujin , Listen to the echo of years

Time whispers , The profusion of the world roars past my ears . How many untouchable memories , Drifting away , The flowing scenery of memory is left , Sad in the toss and turn , So all the stories , But it's all the repeated aftertaste of fate , If life is a painting of ink and wash , What time takes away is just a blank on rice paper . The rain is wet , People wake up when the wind blows , When the wind of fleeting time blows gently , You may as well enjoy the poetry of the night rain in the mountains , Look at the painting of flowers on the street , Put down the unfinished story for the time being , To welcome the sunshine , The wind of any season is on the branch of time , Sing the echo of time .

May , Fireworks as usual and not as usual , Because time always makes deep things go deeper . The mountains are picturesque , Running water is like a song , Wutong crosses the breeze , Misty rain under my eyes , Everything is the best arrangement of time . Walking all the way in the landscape , In the growth of tree rings, we unconsciously practice the sweet and bitter thoughts . Some mood , It's only suitable for swaying at night when nobody is there , Remember the old year's moving and gentle , Only in this way can we reap the joy of fragrance ; Some feelings , I can only listen to the snow and plum blossom in the Buddhist temple , To feel the tenderness of the long dust , The beauty and preference of time .

It's a season when flowers bloom and fade , The full moon is a year , Life in the forward insight , Years are fragrant in accumulation . Walking in the lane of time , Wandering in the fragrance of four seasons , Every landscape is scenery , Whether it's the peach blossom in spring , Baoxiang Branch , Or the cool summer breeze , The fragrance of lotus is ten li , Or the chrysanthemum fence in autumn , Enjoy the laurel under the moon , Or the plum blossom in winter , It's still full , It's all about time . In this way, in the early May sunny shallow summer , Farewell to spring , Although those soul stirring memories are like spring flowers , Thank you. I'll have another one , However, the repeated separation still stings the future time .

On the road of life , Each of us is a blooming flower , Has its own attitude and color . In Sujin's life , Everyone is like a poem full of meaning , Spring and autumn , Whether sad or happy , They all chant their own life style . Through the years, there are mountains and rivers, but also a lonely depression , But it always makes people look back affectionately . Always try to tell yourself , Don't indulge in the memories of the past , because , Yesterday's warm sun , Can't melt today's ice and snow . But after all “ Ten li spring breeze is inferior to you ”, Some of them passed by , Has been deeply engraved into the chapter of life .

As time goes by, it is graceful and graceful , The wind blows through time , Didn't hear every bloom of flowers , But I hear the echo of years , Lead people to the depth of memory to explore the lost youth . Spring is far away , Once brilliant brilliant brilliant , There is a pink and white warmth in every fragrance , It's just the ups and downs of things, which dissipate with the monsoon , The moss under the eaves adds a little melancholy , Wet that curtain is not the central romantic dream . The flower watcher who turned over and fell into the world of mortals , In their own way with a poetic tenderness , Waiting for another enchanting spring , Change some bamboo strings , With a season of gorgeous flowers , Listen to a scene of flowers falling speechless .

Earthly time , You and I are both passers-by . This is a golden age , We used to be lonely and hurt beyond recognition , The flying flowers are as light as a dream , Floating in the ups and downs , I always think flowers bloom young , But it has been several years . It's good that we're moving forward with our souls , Sincerely follow the time , What you plant in your heart are flowers and kindness , No matter how time changes , Constant is the heart of thousands of warm , So you can see the most beautiful scenery in your own spiritual world . Grow up with the courage of falling and climbing up , Harvest the maturity of cutting complexity into simplicity ; Half poetic , Half the fireworks in spring, summer, autumn and winter , Through the practice of human feelings, the world of mortals , The achievement of the heart of the firm and abundant .

Time is not old , Jinse is content with fleeting time , Live in your heart . Time will dilute a lot of things , But it won't dilute that kind of sincere affection , Some shallow feelings , In the season of red cherry and green banana , With falling flowers and flowing water , Fade away quietly ; Some kindness , Then in silence in a long stream , It's not easy to be tempered by time . With this true feeling and expectation coming from the depth of time , Meet again in the world of mortals , Time at the bottom of my eyes , Will be surprised by the unexpected moment , So I opened my eyes to the light smoke and rain , A smile , In a soft voice : Oh ! You're many years late !