Self driving travel notes on the Pamir Plateau in Xinjiang: the story of tashkergan and kupantuo

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Continue to drive on the Pamirs . Follow up , Let's finish with the second story , Let's talk about TA county .

After the boy became king , The princess began to listen behind the curtain .

Thanks to the Royal growth environment since childhood , She is intelligent and kind 、 Know the truth . But a woman's strength is weak , It's hard to convince the public , The ministers are becoming more and more evil , The neighboring cities are also covetous .

One day , The gloomy Princess stood on the steep wall of the castle, looking into the distance , I saw a caravan of camels passing by from a distance , The caravan stretches for kilometers , There are more than 10000 people . The princess saw the caravan go to the deep snow mountain , Send the rider to stop it : The sky has changed , Please do not go any further , Otherwise, they will be buried in the snow disaster .

The leading businessman was dubious , But we arranged for everyone to move to higher ground , Take a rest .

In the evening , There is a strong wind on the snow mountain , The whole depression is shaking . The mountain that the caravan was going to cross exploded a huge crack , Ten thousand years of snow roared down from the top of the mountain , It fills everything in an instant .

the second day , Miracles happen again , From then on, the country prospered overnight . More than ten cities around bowed to the princess , The power of prosperity is unprecedented .

The princess didn't know , What kind of people did she save by herself .

In the thousand year history of the Silk Road , Trade between Europe and China was once unprecedented , At that time, Chinese silk was very popular in the upper class of Rome , Countless gold and silver ornaments 、 Fur 、 saffron , All kinds of luxury goods run between the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf by water and land , And China 、 India 、 mediterranean sea ……

And it's a group of Zoroastrians and Buddhists who do these long-distance trades : Sogdian .

The home of the Sogdians is in Central Asia , They're smart , Close family ties , The caravan is extremely large , They are from the silk road “ Logistics team ”, It's also a tycoon that the peers can't match .

Delivering “ Courier ” At the same time , The Sogdians built a series of caves along the coast of the Persian Gulf , Promoting Buddhism on the business road , Building pagodas , They even carve their names on the stones beside the Buddha statues .

They brought Oriental porcelain and silk to Persia , And take Persian gold, silver and jewelry to the East . Their treasures are priceless , To thank the princess for saving her life , They left half of the journey's treasures on the Pamirs .

At the same time , And the Buddhist faith , And some Tajik people still have the custom of worshiping fire .

Until Xuanzang came from India “ Buddhist scriptures ” I passed here when I returned to the Tang Dynasty , The king he saw here devoted himself to the study of Buddhist classics ,“ Elegant , diligent ”, Deeply respected by the world .

So from 《 The western regions of the Tang Dynasty 》 We found that , More than a thousand years ago , The belief of the people here is totally different from that of today . They don't believe in Islam , At that time , This small western region country built on stone has more than 40 Buddhist temples , More than 500 monks study Hinayana Buddhism . In Xinjiang, China , Including the Pamirs , There are still important Buddhist caves 、 pagoda 、 Buddhist relics .

Of course , Legends are just legends , When I was visiting a family in Tashkurgan , Their youngest son, who was studying in Shanghai University, told me the story he heard when he was a child . I can't tell where the caravan of this rich country came from , To complete the story , I also have to use my limited historical knowledge to find a group of “ The richest people on the Silk Road ” Round it up .

It's also because of these travel legends , Attracted me to Xinjiang again and again .

Every trip to Xinjiang is a refresh of my knowledge .

We often think that the Western tribes are not civilized , But in fact, the Pamir Plateau is a Chinese land that was first influenced by western culture on the desert silk road ;

Except Buddhism , Christianity was once temporary in this land . A.D. 550 Around 1930, the prevalence of Christianity in Kashgar was even earlier than that in Canterbury ;

We may mistakenly think that people on the plateau are short of knowledge , But in fact, people's spiritual life is extremely rich . While we're doing it “ Chicken soup ” I'll go when I've had enough “ Enjoy the moment ” when , The people of the Pamirs have been stepping on the present .

They will spend a lot of energy on their ordinary life : The room decoration is hand painted , The fabric is embroidered by the women in my family . They don't go out sloppy , Even if life is tight , You must be well dressed on the street ;

They value daily rituals : They put a sculpture of the eagle in the middle of the room , They sing and dance in their yard as usual as eating and drinking .

Xinjiang is far away , But look at the map , It's almost in the center of the eastern world . Although the Pamirs are poor , But the pace of blending and collision between eastern and Western cultures has never stopped ……

Then I thought , Why do we mistakenly think that Xinjiang is backward and uncivilized ? Probably because their land is clean 、 The environment is simple , They're happy, they're happy , Unhappy is unhappy , There are not so many twists and turns in their daily communication .

To change our humble understanding of the world , I still have to go out more , Not very far , From Xinjiang .

The journey to the Pamirs continues , Next travel notes : Mostag Glacier Park and Shenzhen .

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