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Broken pen

Shi Tiesheng

142 A note

◆ One

> So called fate , That is to say , This one “ Human drama ” You need all kinds of characters , You can only be one of them , You can't change it at will .

◆ Four

> In fact, we are lucky all the time , Because any disaster can be preceded by another “ more ” word .

◆ 5、 ... and

> People have a bad habit , Remember the bad luck , I can't remember my luck , It's not very kind , It's an injustice to the gods .

◆ 8、 ... and

> The world is a whole , People are part of it , How can the whole change its whole intention for the sake of the part ? That's about why God can't do whatever he asks for . This is the eternal dilemma of human beings and individuals . Every character is part of the play , Catch one to spoil , I'm afraid the whole play won't look good .

◆ Nine

> life , As God showed job , It's always been dangerous , Don't give special privileges to anyone just because of their piety .

◆ Ten

> God does not promise glory and happiness , But God bless your hope . People can't escape from suffering , We can't give up hope —— In this sense , God exists . Fate doesn't take bribes , But hope to be with you , This is the true meaning of faith , It's the way of believers .

◆ 11、 ... and

> Real confidence is ahead of you , In fact, it's empty , Nothing but hope , I don't want to .

> confidence , Since you don't need a promise in advance , Naturally, there's no need for compliments afterwards , Its benefits can only be received when suffering is involved .

◆ Twelve

> God bless , It may be everyone's mood .

“ man 's will , not heaven , decides ” It's an exaggerated encouragement ,“ People are thrown into the world ” It's the truth . Born a , It's hard not to be helpless , You are so brave and invincible , How learned and knowledgeable , What a romantic look , The world still wants to put you in the position of ignorance and incompetence with its great mystery .

> The old garden is silent , You can even feel the gods looking at you arrogantly , Through the wind , With the change of cloud , With the sound of grass and old trees , With the distance of heaven and the uniformity and length of time …… You have to accept the arrogance , Once and now we have to accept , The answer comes from the long silence .

◆ 13、 ... and

> Kindness lies in , As long as you move on , He always gives the way .

> Mr. Liu Xiaofeng said this in his book : There is an eternal distance between man and God . It matters . otherwise , Once the God of faith becomes the scepter of the earth , Once the power of interpretation of hope falls into the hands of any strongman , I'm afraid it's going to cause trouble .

◆ 15、 ... and

> Those who promise substantial benefits , It's number one ; Sometimes I make fun of you , Sometimes it's the second one who can help you ; The third is not in space , Not even in the ordinary time , He only exists when you look at him , After you experience the incomplete, go to the perfect 、 The road with questions but not necessarily answers .

> Art or literature , Don't make life ( Even a miserable life ) A servant or helper of , Be like a detective , The sound of stumbling can be heard in any flowing order , In any familiar place to see strange .

◆ sixteen

> Write 《 Take notes 》 When , I suddenly understood : The behavior or psychology of my characters , I have all of them myself , Some of them have appeared , Some are dormant in the possibility, waiting for an opportunity .

> Where exactly does a person exist ? Get rid of what you've done , It's also in your thoughts and desires . So you can believe that : What you describe about others ( Or blame others, blame others ) accuracy —— To the point , astute , handcrafted —— The place of , You can follow your own understanding or imagination , Find a similar burial in your heart .

> A writer should never believe that he is the teacher of destiny , The writer should contribute his lost way .

> Discover the ugliness of others , It's like discovering the possibility of your own ugliness , So it's time to repent .

◆ seventeen

> Only wronged past , But there is no pain in confession , It's about the constant cloning of resentment . Lack of repentance , We have to blame history for the painful experience , I think it's cool , I think it's open-minded . It's like history is a dustbin , Cover up the sins that no one wants to touch again , Everyone can clean it .

◆ eighteen

> So knowledge doesn't guarantee goodness .

> Along the way, the moon is clear and the wind is sad , The teenagers were silent , Begin to notice the full face of fate .

◆ nineteen

> I'm not “ We ”, I don't want to be “ they ”, All I can do is “ You ”.“ You ” You can't take a taxi , But it's not as good as going to get .“ You ” It's a standby state , Stand a chance of becoming “ We ”, But it's easy to become “ they ”. It's critical , Put more and more people in such alternate positions ,“ We ” The more powerful you are ,“ they ” The more isolated you are ,“ You ” The more obedient you have to be .

◆ The 21st

> So the trench gets deeper and deeper , Loyalty grows stronger and stronger , To be brave and violent , Reason collapses , Faith becomes a fever .

◆ Twenty-two

> The more history goes forward, the more details will be deleted , Bring out the essence : It was a disaster of faith .

> No one is binding us to , but “ We ” It's a stronger rope . ex , They set up a sign of loyalty and infidelity .

◆ 23

> Once the force succeeds , Faith is not a tragedy .

> The method is often more important than the purpose . Like the wolf in the zoo , In a cage , Write a sign and put it on , Say it's a wolf , But everyone said it was like a dog . Wolves are not raised , Wolves run all over the mountains , Keep the wolf in a cage , There are dogs in the world .

◆ Twenty-four

> “ We ” The position of is not with “ they ” In the opposition of , And in contrast to God .

◆ twenty-five

> The soul does not die , It's one that has not been proven , There is no conjecture that has been falsified . and , This conjecture can only be proved , Unlikely to be falsified . How to falsify ? Unless the soul jumps out of another world and informs .

◆ hexacosa-

> But guess is necessary . The meaning of conjecture does not have to be supported by confirmation . contrary , Conjecture supports hope , Supporting confidence . Be sure to list conjecture as superstition , I have to say , It's not wonderful to eradicate superstition all the time .

> Alive , It's not just science .

> Science needs proof , Faith doesn't need . in fact , Our future has always been hidden in mystery , But we never give up , Not frustrated by the limitations of Science . That means , Science is not our only dependence , It's not even a fundamental dependence .

◆ Twenty-eight

> It's not something that can be seen or touched that exists , Can you run into someone's dream ? Or touch someone's fantasy ? god , Born when guessed , It exists when it is depicted , In two opposite faiths, equally exert their influence .

> Believe it , For human behavior to find the ultimate judgment and even the possibility of rewards and punishments , As a result, we find the supervision beyond the law for human nature . For example, where the police can't look after , Evil thoughts are also controlled . Of course , If not, it will also provide convenience for autocrats , The strong will also sacrifice the gods .

> Those who believe in nothingness pave the way for people to do whatever they want , It looks like the long-awaited freedom has finally arrived , But all kinds of evil ideas are also liberated , To hide . But it doesn't prevent despotism , Heroes in troubled times are in power alone , The gods and the customs are stepping on their feet .

◆ Twenty-nine

> The soul still exists after death , It's a guess of human nobility , It's like art , When science is speechless , In a mysterious and impenetrable direction , And where the law doesn't care , Fill in the wish of beauty for yourself , Make good demands for yourself , Make a sincere promise for yourself .

> The fact that the soul is immortal is hard to prove is not necessarily good news for it , It's just that , Science abstains on this issue . Science understands : The problem of soul has always been in the field of belief ,“ confirmed ” And “ Falsification ” It's all layman talk .

◆ Thirty-one

> The war between gods is not necessarily more civilized than group fighting .

> God is never human , No one is going to pretend to be him . God refuses “ We ”, Not standing in the trenches of any family . god , Even against everyone —— He has always been in the position of supervising human nature , I'll always look at you . In the awareness of human evil , In the consciousness of repentance , God appears . On the way of humanity approaching perfection and finding that there is no end , Only then can we have holy worship .

◆ Thirty-four

> The mystery of the world , It is human intelligence that can never be exhausted , There's no reason not to believe in miracles .

> Heaven and earth catch the wind and rain .

◆ thirty-five

> How filthy the planet has been made by human conceit , Greed inspires greed , Strife breeds strife , Maybe one day a madman will come out , A germ war , The drama of the world ends suddenly .

◆ Thirty-six

> More than useful goods 、 Novelty is the taste of slaughter 、 It's harmful to live a comfortable, almost disabled life .

> Once magic catches a man , It's probably just “ Go straight ahead , Don't look on both sides ” 了 .

◆ Thirty-seven

> There is a great teaching in Buddhism : One person has not got the degree , All living beings have not yet got the degree .

◆ Thirty-eight

> So I'd rather believe , Heaven is the hope of man , Hope washes away the filth . Another dimension of space-time , In fact, it refers to one dimension of spirit , This dimension is not isolated from the world , It's overlapping with the world we live in .

◆ Thirty-nine

> If love is your wish , Love has benefited you , In any case, there is no need to be awe inspiring .

◆ forty-three

> Low self-esteem , Two things have always been given to the world : The expectation of love , And the accumulation of resentment .

> Love , It's a time of inferiority complex . Low self-esteem , Or in the cave of inferiority , Or turn around , Welcome liberation on the road of love .

◆ Forty four

> Your consciousness wakes up , See yourself confined to a small body , And outside of myself, the world is so big , The crowd is so huge , I'm like a prisoner .

> On the other side of the wall , Behind the expression , Deep in the language , others , What is it all about ? You're not sure about that .

> From childhood until now , I've been disappointed many times —— Maybe I let other people have this kind of disappointment —— Many deep disappointments can be called lovelorn , Regardless of gender , Because the expectation before that is the emotion of love : Waiting for others to come , Waiting for another soul , Waiting for free reunion . Though young , The hope was once unknown , But one day , The news of love came , I recognized it immediately , There is no doubt that it has always been .

◆ Forty-five

> The emotion of love includes liking , Including love 、 Respect and control , Besides, there is the most important one : open wide . Open your heart and soul to each other , Unique to love . This kind of openness , It's not about gender , The so-called heart to heart , The so-called confidant , The so-called concentric hand in hand , It's the expectation of both the same sex and the opposite sex , It's the natural tendency of lonely individuals , It is the temptation that runs through the world .

◆ forty-six

> Love is hard , The opening of heart and soul is even dangerous . Others may be your hell , There's the armor of the scar of the heart , A sword made of defensive eyes , There's a labyrinth of language , There's a trap hidden by a smile .

◆ Forty eight

> The eternal energy of love , It lies in the eternal separation between people . Love is always exciting , Because of each “ I ” It's all loneliness . People are not just thrown into this world , And they were thrown apart one by one .

◆ Forty nine

> No kidding , I don't quite believe “ Discourse hegemony ” Things like that could be wiped out , Just like I don't believe in eliminating greed . But the elimination of hegemony and greed is becoming a human desire , That's good , It's like love , It's the wish that matters . I wonder if God is bored , It's so lonely , So playing a game over and over again ? Forget about God . Where is everyone , Just like me and my cousins , What matters is missing each other , Despite the fight . The great news of existence , Conflict because of division , Be prepared for conflict , Alienated by precaution , Estrangement leads to loneliness , Lonely and eager to open to each other —— This is the source of the constant love .

open wide , It's not a patent for sex , Sex is the grace of love , So vibrant . If sex is cold , Tired , Has flooded to lose the ability to talk , Let it just be responsible for breeding and being smart . open wide , Other rituals and paths can be found , Like art , Like poetry , Like drama and literature . But literature is not a wonderful word , Not exactly , It's better to write , It's better to talk and listen , It's more like a dream 、 It's a magic tour . Because it's never been a science , There shouldn't have been any norms , I shouldn't have met any academic principles , There is no need to seek recognition , It's the most free thought in the world , It's the infinite call in the limited time and space . For this reason, God also values it , Give it style , Give it romance , Give it ghosts and magic , Give it the power of fiction to break the rigidity of reality , Give it absurd logic to break out of the established world , Anyway, give it a chance , Return to the great news of being , Thousands of hearts and souls are integrated again , Win the game of God , Decipher the riddle set by God in the name of Sphinx .

◆ Fifty

> Buddha is consciousness , It's a thought . A perfect circle, a dead silence , Think of peace , Where does enlightenment come from ? So there is “ Worry is Bodhi ” The proverbs of .

> Buddha is familiar with this way , So thinking is limitless . Thank goodness , Conversion is a kind of mood , A walking posture .

◆ Fifty-one

> Love is a moment of weakness , It's the feeling of turning to the other , Not to turn to the giving of others , It's asking for the participation of others .

Love , That is, the fragility under division appeals to the other for completeness , Or it turned out to be , Ask hell for heaven . Love is hard , Often in trouble .

> The human condition is isolation , One's wish is to communicate , Both are written in God's play .

◆ Fifty-two

> If it's just a living thing , Everything can be cancelled except clothing, food, housing and transportation . However , Those who are perverse are uneasy to keep such a position , Good things like God do not allow such loneliness , The infinite expansion of the universe has bred an enduring passion .

The sages said :“ People are useless passions .” People are passion , This enthusiasm is of no other use . Man is the passionate news floating in the universe , It's the passion of the universe , perhaps , Only the passion of the universe is called man . If asked “ What's the use of enthusiasm ”, It's like asking “ What's the use of people ”, It's like asking “ What's the use of the universe ”“ No use ”. From the point of view of death , What's the use of clothing, food, housing and transportation ?

◆ Fifty-three

> This drama in the world is a nine headed bird that can't be killed , Generation after generation, the characters retired , Another generation of characters on the stage , Still full of passion , Still in joys and sorrows , It's still a mystery of exploration 、 Want to know and finally know , All kinds of news are circulating , Forever .

◆ Fifty-four

> Complete perfection is nothing but complete no way to go .

◆ Fifty-six

> The universe keeps expanding , Great news has to be delivered . People are the endless communication , This is the carrier of passion , It's the incomplete migration to perfection , It is the unreachable perplexity of perfection and the thinking and understanding that come with it , It's this endless desire . So all earthly names can be erased , and “ I ” Immortal .

◆ fifty-seven

> “ I ” Where? ? In one body after another , In communication with others , In thinking and dreaming about the world , In the observation of a little grass and the conjecture of mystery , In the memory of the past 、 The prospect of the future 、 In the final conversation with God .

> Waves are water , The waves are gone , The water is still there . Waves are in the form of water , Water news , It's the desire and expression of water . Wave is alive , It's water , The waves are dead , Or water . Water is the basis of waves , The destination of waves , Water is the infinity and eternity of waves .

> In this world's library or information base , All the news is dead , All the news is alive , The old days are waiting for others “ I ” Come on , Then there is the future .

◆ Broken pen 2

> People can go to heaven , You can't go to heaven . trend , It means the establishment of the other side . Go to the , Is it not the disappearance of the other side ? The disappearance of the other side is the end of faith 、 The abandonment of salvation . So heaven is not a space , It's not a physical existence , It's the road , It's the constant path of the spirit .

◆ One

> I'm Shi Tiesheng —— I thought it was a little strange when I was very young , It's like I can be anything but me . This feeling has never been extinguished , Especially when you're alone , Finally want to understand : Shi Tiesheng is me in other people's eyes , I'm not all Shi Tiesheng .

Most of the time , I am reduced and beautified by Shi Tiesheng . Reduction is inevitable . Beautify or out of the goodwill of others , Or in my disguise , It may also be due to the accumulation of certain styles —— Chinese people love hymns . Therefore, besides Shi Tiesheng , There's more 、 More chaotic me . Such me , Even I often see him as a mystery . I'm sure he's , But it's not easy to capture him all .

> There is a magic in the day , Often make a person for the concern of a name and restrained 、 hesitate , Even in a hurry . Once the magic of the day is gone , The freedom of night comes , The name falls off into a flat skin , The rest of the things gradually coincide with me , Although it seems hazy , But it's real . It's not about being alone , Or for writing , It's a necessary psychological environment .

◆ Two

> Fashion in youth , I dare not say that I know myself , But the subconscious is not bound , To the point, you can see everything clearly .

◆ 3、 ... and

> I think there are two fundamental properties , One is inferiority ( fear ), The second is lust ( want ). It seems unclear who comes first and who comes second , Think about it , Still in the front , I'm afraid I can't , Fear is deep .

◆ Four

> Maybe children with poor memory grow up to write novels and essays .

> fortunately , Writing novels and essays does not strictly require memory , The memory blurs but wins the impression 、 atmosphere 、 intuition 、 Dream and search , So it's good for fiction , It's good for wandering , The disadvantage is that it's also good for bullshit .

◆ 5、 ... and

> Where the rules of the day are not covered , If you are still wandering with some homeless thoughts , That's mostly prose —— It's written out to be , If you don't write it out, it's also .

◆ 7、 ... and

> Besides, money can support “ A heavy body ”, Name is used to support the weak vanity . When his weak heart grows stronger , I do see the ridiculous side of fame , But don't cross the river , I remember when we were most desperate, it held out a kind hand .

◆ Nine

> It's not that hot is bad , I mean, a place like that doesn't suit him , A place like that may depend on real talent and learning , Or have a strong will , Natural and unrestrained , I know he didn't , I know he can't, but I'm not convinced , So I finally saw : This person had better be given a little color by fate in advance , In case it's hopeless .

◆ Ten

> I think , The two most essential codes that God wrote for human nature are : Disability and love . Disability is disability 、 Limit 、 obstacle …… It's generic , It's reality. . Love is spiritual , It's a dream , It's a wish for happiness , It's infinite , Especially the possibility of breaking through the boundary and limit , It's a remedy for the deformity . Every one of us , Every generation , All the stories in the world , differ in thousands of ways , the myriads of changes , But the inside story will eventually reveal these two kinds of news .

Reality and dream , Reason and passion , Body and spirit , And war and peace , Science and art , Destiny and faith , Resentment and tolerance , Hardship and joy …… In general, the preceding paragraph , It's hard to avoid exposing the deformity in the end , Or limitations , Therefore, the following item is supplemented , The latter points to the future of love .

> Hell and heaven are on earth , Disability and love , Original sin and salvation .

◆ 11、 ... and

> What is heaven ? It is the confrontation with this material limitation , It's a limited view from one shore to the other .

◆ 13、 ... and

> What man cannot do , That's the limit , It's disability , It never left .

◆ fourteen

> “ You can't ” It's all around ! This is the fundamental hardship of disability .

◆ 15、 ... and

> A man who didn't win a medal , And someone who doesn't have the right to compete , Is there anything different ?

◆ sixteen

> The reason for discrimination , It's that people deviate from the value of God's love , And it's always measured by people's social function , So the fruit on the tree of good and evil makes the difference between people stand out . In honor and shame , The mind begins to guard against , And then alienate , All alone .

> Real progress , It's hard to measure productivity after all , Not to be evaluated by the redemption of love for disability .

◆ seventeen

> One is that love is only the vassal of reproduction , You can have a whole family without knowing what love is , But you can't fly together and never lay eggs .

> Second, lack of imagination , It is believed that sex is only a primitive custom , In addition to copycat reproduction , I can't think of anything more beautiful , I'm creative and I don't blame myself , I'm afraid I'll be confused with adultery .

◆ eighteen

> After sex gets rid of the monopoly of reproduction , Has grown into a language , It has been incarnated as the most important expression and Prayer of the soul . It's about expressing love, of course . Of course, it's praying that the lost soul can be reunited .

> If you want to love, you have to love like an infatuated lover , Love like a dreamer who forgets to die , Look at other people's doubts like ghosts , Dare to go your way at night .

> Foucault in the same book , To quote Dostoevsky at the beginning :“ People can't confirm their sanity by confining their neighbors .” And those who can break the confinement , Can expose this invisible conspiracy , It's a prayer of love , It's an artistic inspiration for life , It's human “ Live poetically ”.

◆ nineteen

> What is purity ? We are not unclean because of the body . We are not unclean because of love . I don't believe that the heartless can love . I often see some false signs 、 Charming packaging and magnified awe inspiring , And seeing lewdness . Lewdness is nothing else , It is to use the wealth that God has placed in man for other purposes .

◆ twenty

> No more human love 、 Love of the nation or the motherland to annihilate the commonly known love .

> We can't affirm the loftiness of human love by belittling one's love wish .

> If personal love can be belittled by something 、 I'm in confinement , That thing is likely to grow indefinitely , Finally one day, it dares to do everything .

> But ,“ cowardice ” The word is a trap again , It and “ Love between men and women ” equally , There has been a presupposition of derogation or negation , And under this derogatory and negative , Freedom has lost its reason ( This is about discourse hegemony ).

◆ The 21st

> Fraternity is an ideal , And love , It's the part of the ideal that can be realized . therefore , Love has meaning beyond itself , It's like the fire God keeps for the great love , It's like an opportunity to listen to the Oracle under the strong encirclement of reality , God is the least dangerous 1 Yes 1 It's leading the heart to open up , Suggesting that people : If it still doesn't take the armor off your hearts , You deserve eternal punishment .

◆ Twenty-two

> It doesn't take much theory to prove , It's enough to be honest , In honest words, love will show itself , The disenfranchised will come back . love , It's not within reach or out of reach , It's the hope that it's born , It's speech that makes it exist , It's faith that keeps it alive , It may be reality, but it is ideal at all , It's in the front , It's the future . therefore , Say it. , And pay attention to it , If the language of the day is dead , With the dream of the night , With the spirit of poetry .

◆ 23

> And love , As an ideal , It's not just about reality , It's even anti reality , It's like poetry , A poet said :“ Poetry is the correction of life .”

◆ Twenty-four

> resistance , Not simple , It's not just about emotion and bravery . not handle properly , The resistance is strong and firm , But resentment doesn't just bite yourself , And scares people away .

> According to the experience of Shi Tiesheng and me , Keep saying this to yourself , Use self aggrieved to make self moved , There will be no other result , It can only be self imprisonment 、 Self harm , And let “ It's impossible to understand ” I've seen a masochist do nothing about it .

◆ twenty-five

> As people become more cautious about disability , Your resistance has long been in the net .

> Martin · Luther · Kim said :“ Never use the bitter wine of hatred to ease the thirst for freedom .”

> The oppressed , People who are discriminated against or ignored , And the weak side in all areas , You might as well be wary of this “ Disability complex ” My secret plan , Give up inferiority , At the same time, give up resentment ; In fact, these two points must be given up at the same time , Because once , They were born together .

◆ twenty-seven

> The writer Chen Cun said : There are two things that make Chinese people's psychology unbalanced , One is that the world cup can't be shortlisted , Second, the Nobel Prize for literature can never be won , These two things make the fans and scholars have a bit of magic .

◆ Twenty-eight

> writing , It's mostly because of seeing the fragmentary world .

> disability , Its most dangerous side , I just want to be recognized by the society , Even too eager to be recognized by the world , I want to be disabled again .

◆ thirty

> One day he took my advice , The envious eyes came back from the outside , It's turning inward .

> If you never have “ Who am I ” And so on , Always just “ I'm playing ”, You'll live at ease about all your life , A mountain is a mountain , Water is water , It's like a beautiful herd of deer , Put the future after today , Give the past to the hungry lion . But if anyone gets tired of it , I don't think so ——“ Who am I ”, Okay , So the world swelled , To the infinite . I doubt that , people , It's just a bunch of deer . I suspect that the expansion of the universe is due to careless thinking . After thinking about it , Mountains are not just mountains , Water is not just water , I'm not just me —— I'm bound to connect to the past , Connecting the future , Connect with an infinite number of other people , And everything in the world .

> Fiction embraces fiction .

◆ Thirty-one

> I go through time , Through mountains and rivers , Through the country and the city , I'm also through others , Through all the other and the thoughts and dreams that come from it, I am . Everything along the way , Some of them passed me by, and since then they have been separated from each other , Some will stay in my heart forever , Sculpt me , Shape me , Temper me , Fit into me and become me . I was a wandering soul , It's a stream of water , The transmission of a message in the vast universe , A law-abiding citizen and a dream without fetters .

◆ Thirty-two

> So I think : The writer , May not be able to shape the real people ( The so-called flesh and blood plump 、 Lifelike characters ), A writer can only shape himself —— Predecessors have also said that .

> How do you shape people ? You can only be like me , Take Shi Tiesheng's heart as an example , To trace Zhang San's darkness with his own darkness , Expand the brightness of Zhang San with the brightness in his heart , You can only shape it with your own flesh and mind . that , It's not so much shaping , It's more like being made , It's not so much the writer who shaped Zhang San , Mo said that the writer had a new presence through Zhang San . Isn't this way of being created more real ? This reality does not depend on the integrity of the external image , It's based on the fragility of the inner soul , It's not a story that doesn't leak , It's not based on the grand plan of literature , But because of the dangerous path of the soul .

> literature , If it's knowledge that implies various operations or teaching intentions ( Whether it's thought or skill , Language or form , And for whom and not for whom ), I don't think writing is , I hope writing is no longer . writing , In my hope, it's just the doubter's doubt , The seeker's search , Although it's also a matter of skill 、 Language and form .

> Writing is just finding a way to live for the soul , To find a boat in the ocean .

> Why not “ literature ” And “ writing ” Separate , Literature is left to writers , Let the writing list go to some unruly seekers . Literature may have a higher and broader mission , It's worth looking up to , Writing is easier , Innocent people born in this world , In particular, they are not very transparent when they are born and grow up , You can walk this road regardless of it . Nothing else , It's just that writing can be different from literature , There is no need to force it with all kinds of habits ; Different is different , You have to find out which door to enter when you go to the toilet .

◆ Thirty-three

> Novels of all ages , Most of them are finished products ( Complete characters 、 The plot 、 Stories, etc ) Show it to people , And hide its generation process , Hide the author , Hide the wandering soul between shaping and being created , All the branches are neatly pruned , Flowers and leaves 、 Hesitation and hesitation are cleaned up , Wrap up the finished product with the calmness of the superior , To the front desk .

> I thought , Is it a pity that the hidden and pruned things will not be visible ? It's not just a pity , Maybe he picked up sesame and lost watermelon . The hesitation in shaping and being created 、 wandering , Is it more valuable ? Demolition 、 Group 、 Between choices , There must be no more mysterious and moving flow of heart ?

◆ Thirty-four

> Behind the creative intent , The journey of life is much more complicated . By the whole 、 good-looking 、 Among the ideas guided by the unique style , There's something else . Some hidden 、 Delicate 、 It's easy to break, but it's the constant hesitation of the heart , It's missing in the gap between ideas , Been deleted .

> It's in the brain ( Brain or computer ) It's not as smart as you are , The essence of human is more distinct . Only continuous flow has unique talent , You can still create , Still able to communicate , You can still talk and listen , You can enter a new but old world . It's not avoiding confusion , Do not refuse to hesitate , Even if it's broken , The territory opened up by the pursuit of the flow of heart . Just like the magic of painting after the advent of photography .

◆ thirty-five

> When all the wisdom and confusion of the day are gone , Night wants you to see the world with another kind of eyes . Probably the fifth eye , He's not an outsider , There's no special function , He is a tired eye who is not willing to relax the meaning of life . If there are any other eyes , They can all be in front of him , All in all, this is the last eye , It's the eyes that doubt the day and look forward to the night . Such writing or such eyes , Don't value the finished product , What we value is the wandering soul in the creation , Value the possible whereabouts of the wandering soul , Value the information that lingers .

◆ Thirty-six

> You know what to be jealous of , What? Don't be jealous , It means you're jealous . Well, I mean , Only when you have experience can you really understand , Where you understand the quality, you can appropriately denounce it or praise it , To draw it accurately .

> The Buddhist has a saying : Hate comes from the heart , There's been a killing .

> You can't miss the greed for stealing , And the hatred that led to the killing . This is the complexity of human nature , There are many possibilities of fate buried or dormant in it . The opposite is true , The love of the lover , Love of lovers , The thought of the thinker , The flow is not all in the certainty of the day , Still in the dark possibility , There, , Weave or carve out your existence , Or even your reality .

◆ Thirty-seven

> It was hard for me to fall asleep that night , I heard in the silence of the great night around me , It's all that deep hidden 、 thin and delicate 、 Easy to break thousands of heart flow in the noise , At the party , I'm shouting , I'm telling , Out of the necessary rules of day and into the true existence of night .

◆ Thirty-eight

> After hundreds of years of wind and rain, the garden wall has been damaged , Every brick 、 Every brick seam is full of vicissitudes , The light of the setting sun shines on them , The setting sun and they are calm .

> But a lot of moving flow of heart or fate has been left out , It's lost beyond control , The recorded history is nothing but a lifeless corpse .

◆ Thirty-nine

> History can be researched by later generations in the future , Writing is a living life, asking for directions in the dark .

◆ Forty

> Elusive 、 Subtlety and uncertainty , This is the night . But it's not the night of the outside world , It's the night of inner flow .

> From our knowledge (“ Objective truth ”) It's never possible to exhaust the mysteries of the outside world , We are always wandering in the subjective world .

> Frank is in his 《 The meaning of life 》 As mentioned : The meaning of life is not given , It's proposed .

> The meaning of life is not to seek out , And in the establishment of inward .

◆ forty-one

> In human nature , Originally, there are two possibilities of divinity and magic , Mr. Faust is always there .

◆ Forty-two

> What is Shi Tiesheng ? It's a concrete dream of mine . I? , I am his boundless dream . That's how we always depend on each other , To die .

> So how did I get here ? I come from everything , I was born of everything 、 It's a wave of news , Tiny but unique .

> Primordial —— Has the word been used before ? Forgive my ignorance , If the predecessors have never used it , Let me explain what it means —— That's God in , The first thing that I was shaped and made of was .

◆ forty-three

> “ Blessed are those who believe without seeing .”

◆ Broken pen 3

> We value day too much , And ignore the night too much . life , At least half of it is in the dark —— All is quiet at dead of night , The mind is still rushing and wandering . But because of , Someone who clearly walks in a sunny day , Probably struggling in the darkness and confusion of the heart and soul , The difference between night and day is even greater .

◆ One

> According to the external truth , It can only be like . Whether it is good or not will be related to your wish , Your mind wandering , Your hesitation and hesitation at the stop of Shenyou , As well as the Enlightenment from the desperate situation of reality , And the endless possibilities that dreams open for you .

◆ Two

> Traditional Chinese painting , The more I look at it, the more I get tired of it . Landscape trees, flowers, birds, fish and insects , It's all like , Like real , Like the predecessors , Like each other , That's what connoisseurs tell you : Which master did you inherit 、 Which school . This kind of situation also exists in western paintings . There are many such things in calligraphy , Longevity 、 Lucky Character 、 Dragon and Tiger , I can't get any new ideas from writing, but I still write , It's depressing , I feel that the mood of both readers and readers is imprisoned .

> art , It was intended to create illusions in step-by-step practice , The difference is , Open up freedom , Although techniques are important, the fundamental expectation is the possibility of the soul .

◆ 3、 ... and

> It's like the relationship between love and sex : Sex in love , How strange and strange it is to tell , No matter how decent the loveless sex is, it's still excreted .

> It's not like anything, since it can't be , So what should it be like ? Like your hesitation , Like your despair , Like your unyielding soul . But the vastness of the heart and soul is not the same “ image ” Words can capture ? So it has to be “ Ok or not ”; “ Ok or not ” It's the search of the soul in the nowhere .