A mood

2021-05-01 11:11:29  作者:Life journey

There is a mood , No need to say more , I think it's wonderful .

This afternoon, , I wake up from a nap , Had a glass of milk , Two loaves of bread . Change your clothes for the trip , I went to see relatives with my children .

The child met her aunt , I'm happy . Children are lively and active , At my aunt's house , Curiosity soared . Wandering around , Look around, look around , Take the toy , Take the toy apart , Regrouping . See delicious snacks , The child is not polite to you , Just take it and eat it .

I really want to go back to my childhood , Looking at the innocent smile of the child , Straight body , Just suddenly found out , I am old .

Between people , Look good , Chatting goes well , It's all right , Get along with people like this . It's a good feeling , It's the source of happiness in life .

You have to experience this feeling in life , Will understand , What is a happy and blessed mood .

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