Peony, is it peony( (2)

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The dance of the wind

Peony flowers are gorgeous in color , wealthy , beautiful , grand , splendid and imposing , Known as the “ The king of flowers ” Known as the , And the peony is also very beautiful , But it's not peony .

There are a lot of two plants that have nothing to do with each other , But because of the name . It reminds me of that classic domestic movie 《 Visitors from the iceberg 》 The real and fake gulandam in .

“ Why are the flowers so red ? Why is it so red ? Ah, it looks like red , It's as red as a burning fire , It symbolizes pure friendship and love ……” The suspense of love between true and false gulandam and soldier Amir in the film is very sad .

The dance of the wind

The dance of the wind

“ Peony in purse ” No “ Peony ”, But because of the name of Peony , So every peony show , I can always see her in the flowers . Although the peony is small , But because of its unique shape , People often stop , It's amazing , Sometimes they even take the limelight of Peony , The noise of the guest and the capture of the Lord .

About “ Peony in purse ”, There is also a particularly sad and beautiful legend :

In ancient times, there was a young couple who fell in love with each other , The boy was captured by the government and served in the army , When she was leaving, the girl wanted to express her perseverance , He gave the purse he embroidered and woven to the boy .

Unexpectedly, the present dog officer coveted the beauty of the girl , After the boys left , Trying to rob a girl as a concubine . The girl vowed to die , He threw himself into the well and died …… The villagers are very sympathetic to the girl , Bury her in her garden .

Several years later , When the boy returns home, he learns that the girl has passed away , Grieve deeply , Go to the grave to worship , Wail and cry . Where the tears fall , It's a plant , The leaves are like peony leaves , With a string of strange and beautiful flowers , It's like a purse given to him when a girl leaves .

He thought of the girl's loyalty to himself , Name this flower “ Peony in purse ”, In memory of the girl's faithful love for herself .

Is the truth of the world to be so unforgettable to miss ? Dream back in this life , Waiting for the purse of the Millennium , A heart sound , I can't escape the worry of tearing my heart .

In Chinese folklore , Most peonies are related to love , Because of this , Peony is also known as “ The rose of China ”. It is said to give this flower full of love to my sweetheart , Its moving index far exceeds 99 A Western Rose .

But legend is legend , Love in the couple can not really send a “ The rose of China ”. because , Just as love is poisonous , The whole plant of peony is poisonous , Can cause convulsions and other neurological symptoms , So it's better not to mess with these plants .

On the other hand , Love can heal , The whole herb of peony can also be used as medicine , There's pain relief 、 diuresis 、 Dispersing blood 、 In addition to wind and other effects .

Late spring , Peony Garden ,“ Peony in purse ” The bearing is extraordinary , The flowers are blooming …… Light fragrance of flowers , Shallow thoughts , I miss you so much , A light wind glides by , Listen to you pour out a long and moving legend .