Loud and thin

2021-05-01 10:12:08  作者:Life journey

I come from Jiangnan , Inheriting the spirit of Jiangnan Silk and bamboo , And what gave birth to me 《 I chose you 》, Be willing to go back to work with 《 The sisters went to the south 》 City ——《 Xiamen of poetry and painting 》, At the same time, it also brought me my dependent 《 The six string instrument 》, Playing the music of my hometown 《 Love for the Olympic Games in my hometown 》——《 Nantong is no longer difficult 》.  

  Yao Xiao , On 1966 He was born in Nantong, Jiangsu Province ,1986 Yao Xiao graduated from high school in , Due to family reasons and some interference that cannot be ruled out , And had to interrupt the tireless study , After suffering and hesitation , Strong Yao Xiao has found a new way , I can't study , Take the road of literature and art that we are proud of in Nantong —— Music creation .

  Yao Xiao knows that , It's hard to make music , And it's not easy , I also know that I'm born short , I'm not a professional , It's not enough just because of his preference for music and the influence of music on him , Even the top students from the regular Conservatory of music can't complete the creation of lyrics and music by themselves , Not to mention myself .

That's why , Yao Xiao has an empty cup mentality , Humble and studious everywhere , A modest gentleman is easy to ask but not shameful , It is also with Nantong this outstanding geomantic treasure land , Famous people came out in large numbers and gave him a lot of love , It was his spirit that moved the famous musicians in Nantong , They are all generous in giving , Guide carefully , So as to give a steady stream of help to Yao Xiao's music originality , It's like fish and water , And laid the foundation for success .

  The sea is no water , Yao Xiao's hard work has also been rewarded , One after another, his works come out like a spring , Its purpose is 、 Creating words , The angle of conception , Its spirit , All dust removal, not unification , It's a whole new perspective , The horizon is in front of us , The pursuit of a more shocking sound appeal , This is contrary to the current traditional creation of Ci and qu , thus , The painstaking work has not caused a sensation in Nantong , At that time , Give Yao Xiao a heavy blow , It also confused Yao Xiao …… For a while, Yao Xiao's creation also fell into a low ebb , Is he really not good at it ? Or their own creative style is not suitable for local development ? Yao Xiao is lost in thought ……

  After several explorations and verifications , Yao Xiao has a bottom in his heart , Nantong, with its local literature and art as its palace, can't accept all of a sudden , What do I do ? Northward to Beijing , This is national politics 、 military 、 A comprehensive place of culture , talked different dialects , The North Ci and the South Fu gave birth to the wind and rain for generations , The highest palace of music is located here , Both emotion and reason are conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of one's own creative road , That's why , Yao Xiaoyi went to Beijing , In order to find a place in Beijing, the capital of music , The steady development of .

  God helps those who help themselves , Yao Xiao's efforts have been recognized by well-known figures in Beijing's music industry 、 help , With their help , Yao Xiao's creative passion 、 The potential is getting better and deeper , The source of his thoughts is like a spring , Under his pen, there are a series of notes and passion , An original album came out , There's still no way to dampen the sensation in the market , The second album is here again ……

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