Travel notes of Yunnan Xizhou ancient town

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We parked under a forest of camphor trees . The dark blue sandals are rubbing against the wet stones , Make a rustling sound , Along an alley, you enter the ancient town .

Once in the ancient town , I met an old workshop , There are lots of people outside .“ Xizhou Baba ”, Four big crimson characters are hanging on the shop curtain .

In the crowd , I looked at the glowing charcoal fire , The blazing flames sometimes come out mischievously , It's not to let anxious tourists in , It's not . The Baba wrapped with thick meat stuffing and scallion , Lay flat on the iron plate , issue “ Zila …… Zila ” The alluring sound of , At this time , The fragrance will slip into the nose of tourists without scruple , Then the whole street was filled with this strong fragrance ……

Xizhou Baba

In this deep shallow alley , It's easy to get lost , But you don't have to worry , Because there are so many beautiful scenery here .

Sometimes you just walk around unintentionally , He walked into the courtyard of a family , The yard is hundreds of years old . You look at these mottled white walls and black tiles , There is a broken window on the wall , A hundred years ago, which scholar once leaned against the window , Study hard in front of the green lamp window ?

My guess is not unreasonable , In this ancient town with a long history , In the faces of the old alleys , I don't know how many scholars . In my opinion, there is a long-standing plaque hanging on the front beam of the house ,“ Aqui ” In the years of wind and rain, the two words gradually become blurred .

One day a hundred years ago , Firecrackers, gongs and drums are all singing in zhenkou , Very lively . The scholar who won the title of Yakui is very angry , I'm young , return to one 's hometown in silken robes , It's not impressive . Who is it , In the eyes of joy , Hold the plaque above your head , Hanging on the beam of that door , This terrace ……

Between the green tiles and the pink walls , He turned around , Hur was flustered by the scenery in front of him . A long row of blue and white dyed cloth , I can't see the edge at a glance .

Those are printing and dyeing with exotic flowers and plants , The blue cloth of dragon, snake and beast , In the sun , In the wind , Flying up and down , Become a beautiful scenery of Xizhou ancient town .

Write here , It seems that I have experienced another journey unconsciously . Xizhou , A town forgotten by tourists , Leave too many romantic details in my heart …… Time is eroding this memory , She gradually wear out the outline of the mellow , Like a pearl , In the depth of my memory, a dim and gentle light ……

A view of Xizhou ancient town

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