The story of the sky

2021-05-01 09:38:42  作者:Literary FM

Quietly looking at the sky , A sparrow pecked at the cloud . People often say that :“ Though sparrows are small , Five zang organs .” Suddenly I think of Yang Xiong's words :“ Seven foot man's writing and writing , What Zhuang Fu didn't do .” I don't know why Yang Ziyun is so angry , So that Su Dongpo yelled at him , Call him insincere , He was accused of being profound , He was accused of being a villain .

Once seen 《 han · Biography of Yang Xiong 》, In general, people and things , But it's a good mouthful 、 A scholar with brilliant literary talent and timidity , Buried in old paper , Less smoke and fire in the market . Anti speech , It's something Lao Su can scold , Naturally, they are not ordinary people .

Since ancient times, men of letters and men of letters despise each other , It's the same throughout the ages . Lao Su scolded Yang Xiong , Scold Xiao Yan , Scold empress li , And he was also ridiculed by Li Qingzhao as a person who couldn't read sentences , Wang Fuzhi called it wild fox Zen .

Before and after life , A lot of people or things are always complementary , Even those who are good at both sides will be scolded for being slippery . If you can't think of it , Trouble will come unexpectedly .

For example, people over 30 , Youth is no longer , A lot of disappointments hit me , In my heart , Out of shape , Both body and mind are tired , Empty has the power to parry , He has long lost the heroic spirit of the high spirited young man , Full of joy , It's just looking down at the bulging belly , If you can lose ten jin 、 Twenty Jin is ideal ! However, in the face of the invasion of delicious food , But I lost myself . Up to now , On the contrary, I envy the freedom of a sparrow !

Believe it or not , In the heart of every middle-aged man who is fat, there is a graceful young man in the wind —— Taoyuan heart road , That's where I used to be , There are Yi people who look at flowers in the water , There are two or three friends who are as indifferent as water , They don't die with age , Always so young ; They dress light in spring , Wind and rain , Chant back , Meeting under the light , Full of joy that is not enough for humanity .

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