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Kyushu Fangwen

About five or six in the afternoon , Towards evening , The light and shadow are fading , Recently, the rising heat has also converged a lot .

So comfortable , Even a little bit of the wandering air , All feel refreshing spirit . At this time , Exercise is the best choice .

If you say so , At noon in the hot sun , It's better to stay quiet and enjoy tea alone , Look at Ye Jingxin , In the solitude of a place, I forget myself . that , In this overcast hour of the evening , No doubt it's because of the movement of the stars , It's like the light thunder passing by on a summer night .

Sitting in silence is like absorbing the dew of mountains and springs , It's like an adventurer exploring a secluded paradise .

I always think that sports and writing can complement each other , In the meditation of the soul , We should not forget the carving of the body . Just like a beautiful sculpture , There is no art without imagination , vice versa .

In order to , Every week , Exercise is an indispensable part of every day .

After training, the body gradually becomes lazy , The perception of consciousness is greatly enhanced . It's often at this time , When Yu Xinhai is shooting wildly , The boat of the soul has been strengthened again and again , Or even absorbed the sweet nourishment brought by the sea breeze .

After training , The sky tends to be dark . The cool wind is swimming in the big green playground , The coolness blew away the sweat , It also dispels the long-standing depression .

“ The breeze swam to the right place ,

It's like a sweet spring mixed with gifts from natural spirits .

Silent floating to the sea of heart ,

It's like a passing poet coming to visit .”

When it comes to sports , I've invested the most time in this year , Nothing is better than running .

I'm not a sportsman , Or even , There are some people who are more delicate and afraid of hardship . In order to , Since I was a child, I have been labeled as feminine and weak .

Before I'm officially in touch with sports , The touch and perception of the body have a very ethereal state . It's like the stream can't agree with the riverbed , It's like sailing against the current .

On the early morning of a summer day , His lazy eyes glimpsed his embarrassing constitution , I can't help being a little dumbfounded .

therefore , I soon made up my mind , To open up a heart that I have never seen before . I can always hear whispers in my soul : Only by carefully dressing up this mu of wasteland to the right advantage , In order to plant all kinds of fruits of life leisurely and comfortably .

That's it , I started the exercise journey , Until now , Finally, a good field was handed over . Although it is far from perfection , But , But I have gained enough valuable experience , It's hard to forget .

A new year is coming , I continue to write my own plan in this year's plan book .

In a conversation with a friend , Mention the marathon by accident , Suddenly I feel interest , So I started my run , So far , I have been running for more than a month .

Look at flowers , Listen to the rain , Sit in and enjoy tea , Nature is elegant and interesting , In that mood , Close your eyes and meditate , The soul has never been close and lovely . Corresponding , running , Leaping , Control yourself , It's also a rare ensemble of body and mind , In the gasping voice , It contains the infinite soothing tenderness of the heart .

When I step on the plastic ring track , The echoes of the low steps , You Yang spring love language , Also floating with the warmth of the sea of heart .

Running is fun , It can also be an elegant thing .

Since the end of February , I'm officially engaged in literary creation , The enthusiasm has never been higher . All the joy seems to flow from the fingertips of the keyboard , Lost happiness is like the waves in midsummer at noon , It's so comforting , Never stop .

Writing has become my daily required course , No matter how busy , I want to sit in the house alone , Make a pot of Maoguo fruit tea , While beating articles, they fall into the enemy's hands , As if the article is healing me , It's not the words I control .

Every night like this , Will make me feel very happy , It's a very interesting pastime , From time to time, we will receive warmth from unfamiliar readers , It's even more addictive .

Write an article , Especially I love prose , So enthusiasm is necessary , So is inspiration .

If the quiet environment allows me to absorb the nourishment of life very comfortably , Then the movement is to dig out countless scattered pieces of inspiration in the violent turbulence , It's like rain falling on my heart , All the tedious things , Can be fun because of it , Elegance , Even cute , And then it's transformed into the material .

I love to watch the sky gradually leak in running , In each lap of a fixed track , Bixia can comfort a lady who loves to dress up , The world is colorless .

It seems that the brilliant sunset can always evoke my touch , The green willow with drooping branches dyed by haze , Step masonry seems to lie down countless beautiful oil , I can't help but want to get into the middle of it .

The green playground at the moment , It's a wonderful world of beautiful colors , Every piece of cotton wadding cloud with bright blue clouds changes , My heart seems to be filtering , Filter out the worries and worries .

next , Those who belong to the cloud like soft and lovely healing Elves will flow in and fill , Let the languid body and mind as fresh and bright as walking in the forest sea after the rain in the morning .

“ He's running over the waves ,

My eyes are staring at the bright glow .

His eyes are so firm ,

It's like finding the true meaning of beauty .”

( Jane's first book , Don't turn .)

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