The third chapter of night

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The lotus is broken and scattered into stars in the water , The stars are dazzling and piercing . In the moonlight , Snowflakes fall , Cut through the continuous tenderness , Soaked in everything hard or soft .

I lie in the middle of the lake , Looking up at the night full of holes , There's endless cold around . I close my eyes , Into the abyss of darkness , There's a lot of tenderness around .

How romantic the snow is on a summer night !

It's just that it's winter ……

We scream in the middle of the night , But no other snow leopard has responded .

We plow the cool snow all over the ground , Looking for the bitter grass roots frozen into ice , Weeds are often the toughest .

Ke fell ill , I decided to go out and try my luck again . I went out of the cave , In the distance, the sky merges with the earth , White envelops the darkness , Suffocating . I'm in the twilight wrapped in white , All around is the dreary darkness of white and darkness , And the cold soaked bone marrow numb me , Only occasionally a few struggling bare iron blue stones stab my heart .

I step on the snow , Make a creaking sound , But it's dreary and cold . A vulture hovered over my head , I know what it's looking forward to .

I went to a lake , The lake has frozen , It's cold , Reflecting the dim sky , Show a ferocious face . It's just a lotus flower in the middle of the lake . I stare at the lotus , There is a trace of warmth in my heart , It's just that all around the lotus is dazzling cold , The cold wave swept through , It's getting colder and sharper .

I stepped on the ice , Towards the lotus , The dullness of the darkness seemed to dissipate , The world is at peace , I also fell into the long lost tenderness .

All of a sudden , The ice on the lake broke , I'm in the water , The cold soaked the marrow . I struggled to hold the ice floe , Twist your body , Swim to the lotus .

Lotus is close at hand , I finally feel my heart beating . I'm short of breath , The breath is so warm , So as to blur the surrounding cold . I raised my numb, trembling arm , To touch the lotus which originally belongs to summer ……

It's getting darker , In the end, it's the tenderness of darkness .

But this is the lotus in winter, which is rendered by the cold wind , The unforgettable cold will eventually dispel the superficial tenderness . The lotus is scattered in pieces , Into the water , Snow from the air into my body . It's snowing again , But there are stars in the water , And the frosty moon . It's clearing up , But the snow is getting colder , The gentle darkness becomes dazzling , The night gets colder .

I'm shaking all over , Staring at the blurred stars in the water …… When the surface of the lake recondenses into ice , The tenderness in the distance breaks my frozen heart , I opened my eyes , It's Ke .

Flowers on the other side , That's hope , The broken lotus is annihilated , Into the dark , Turn into tenderness . It's chilling , But the tenderness is painful .

cosette , You know the mantis , The Praying Girl longed to relieve her inner pain , How pure and beautiful the ivory cuttlebone is .

When the baby is born , Nestled in my thick fur , How warm it should be . My last remains may be able to trap a few vultures , They're hungry . Winter always goes by , My graveyard is empty , But flowers can grow in the open cemetery .

Ke was silent , How delicate is the tiny scar on her eyebrow corner , The dew in the corner of the eye is crystal clear , There was a piercing light , But it never fell . I looked into Ke's eyes , But Ke looked back , Run in the direction of the farm . I close my eyes , The dew in the corner of the eye is condensation , Across my cheek .

The big farm is very dull , White erodes the whole farm , Except for a little log cabin , There is also a pure black open space beside the wooden house . Vultures hover in the clearing , It's a graveyard , An empty cemetery . There is no beautiful tomb in the cemetery , It's just the feathers of vultures , A white rose withered in the bright frost .

The windows of the wooden house are permeated with the charming smell of meat , Is this heaven ? Look inside the window , The yellow candle dances like a devil in the night , The room was full of darkness from candlelight , It's stifling . A three-year-old sat quietly by the candle , Holding a big piece of meat , It's vulture meat .

Men are messy with black white hair , Sitting at the piano with your back to the child , Deep eyes stare at the white hand held in the beautifully framed photos , Poker face . For a while , He put the picture on the piano , Thin fingers tap on the piano ……

Nocturne ferments in the dreary darkness , The candle trembled , The man's face is bright and dark , Blinding tears on the cheek , The white roses on the graveyard are delicate in the moonlight .

Ke turned around , Looking at the dim Lake in the distance ……

She's back , It's very light . The lake has formed thick ice , Ice reflects the dark sky , Into a gentle abyss . She came up to me , Nestle in my arms .

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