Graffiti group: liuliji: girl (four poems)

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▎ Woman *Child*

*writing | Liu Li Ji*

When I was 18

You're 16 years old

Put on your school uniform

Cover up tattoos

Playing billiards with men in their twenties

When I was 28 years old

You're 26 years old

Curl up one's hair

Wear a watch

In a man's car in his thirties

When I was 38 years old

You're 36 years old

A new car

And a new daughter

To the office of a man in his 40s

I think at the age of 48

You were 46 years old

As you once said

When everyone misses you

You And I


There is only desolate language in the world

There is only eternity on the earth


Special collection :《 Crystal shoes 》

《 Crystal shoes 》(2018 year )

Cinderella , Pseudo hunger , Crying naked wrapped in gauze

Brush eyelashes , Eat cold food , Eyebrow knife cut out two pieces of clavicle

Dry moss , It's her blood

Her remains , Her crux

Cherry red drips down a nuclear explosion , Life has been

A night of beer scum , Powder Blush

Her skin is rough , Hide in a dark room and paint skin

Even if we meet , It's covered in thick arsenic at night

Pandora , Popping candy , Cinderella's little pill

Funeral system , Night stand , Black nail polish

Drop on oyster shell , Charring

buckle , Peel , leave , suction

Software life ,

A meat egg

There's a lot of smoke in my mouth , High nose war ,

Sad salt ! Old crow chokes tears

Approaching the date of abortion , Your city has fallen !

Murderer * The Palace , A poison room * Gas chamber

Cinderella , Your hair is gray, too , I got it

The spasm of fermented grapes

A little card , Maya angelou

Full of hermes bags , Carrying a bag of gills

Card recorded , It's your sincerity , Your debt ,

Your criminal law , Your book of life and death

Beauty has cancer , Barefoot singing , But you are still

lucky , Squandering my ex husband's golden bones

Put on a cremated dress , Where is the blade ,

A cut-out , Press beauty camera

Clicking ! Make a lifetime , Derogatory words ,

The crystal ? Silicate glass

And you , It needs joy and magic ,

Pumpkin cart stable , In order to escape

Beautify the horror of surgery , In your heart ,

Cruel marble Prince

( notes : Marble , High hardness , Long service life )

brief introduction : Liu Li Ji , citizens , From Kunming, Yunnan Province ( His ancestral home is Jiangnan ) Chinese free poets .20 I have been writing since I was in college . Many awards . Text is called “ Graffiti poetry .” China's Ginsburg . View of poetry : Writing is a meteor , Tears must be in my eyes .

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