Wang Lou: when you grow up, you want to be a great person

2021-05-01 09:29:12  作者:Photography

【 The original title —— Wang Lou :“ When you grow up , You want to be a great person , Protect your mother .”】

“ When you grow up , You want to be a great person , Protect your mother .” This sentence comes from 《 Fuxi Nuwa 》 The mouth of the villain camp , It's Kunlun general Ying Long who goes to Nanman alone to deliver the Kunlun secret order , Stop at a village in a mountain pass , I'm in a private play room , Meet the poor and strange cannibals by chance , At the sight of injustice , draw a sword and render help , To save the next mother and son . The opening sentence is what Ying Long said to the little boy at the end , After writing, my heart is full of warmth , I think everyone has compassion !

《 Fuxi Nuwa 》 Recently, we are working hard to improve the second draft , The rate of revision is as high as 50%, The more compact the structure is 、 The language is more refined 、 The style of writing becomes more and more popular , I sincerely thank the first group of loyal readers for their concern and support . The state controls book numbers as strictly as it does every year , Two years ago 40% My book number , This year, we continue to slash 30%, It's a good thing , Let publishing return to reading , Only the best is the best !

I can't help but think of a plant I met when I was walking in the back mountain : Hibiscus flowers . The flower language of Hibiscus is “ Gentle persistence ”, I am very fond of . Zeng guofan 《 It's very classic 》 Some words :“ Youheng , Nothing is impossible .” traditional code of conduct , Love is eternal , And the only constant , Fang Keyan loves !

——2020 year 6 The moon is in Jinling