I hope the sky good care, Alan finally keep good luck

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This morning , Tearfully read the famous net red writer [ Jiang Kunyuan ][Jiang Kunyuan] The teacher's 《[ A novel | Notes on wild lotus root 84][A novel _ Notes on wild lotus root 84]》, I think the writer's novels are penetrating , Expose the ugly souls of Jiang tianqiang and Tang Ajie incisively and vividly , He also successfully portrayed Alan's image of loneliness, helplessness, resentment and despair .

Alan is in a weak position , It's pitiful , Originally, I thought she might meet the responsible Jiang tianqiang , Who knows, Jiang tianqiang has no responsibility , Dare to do it or not , And throw sewage on Alan , I just want to get rid of what happened to Alan , After Alan said he wanted to give birth to the baby , He also worried that his father would not be able to keep his black hat , I'm determined to get rid of Alan's baby , Such men are not only irresponsible men , And it's wearing a human skin in vain , It's better than animals .

The writer's novel is naturally written in order , At the beginning of the article, I write that the male and female dregs sing an oboe play to deal with the innocent Alan , Make Alan almost forget to come to Jiang tianqiang , To tell him about his pregnancy .

Scum men and scum women act in front of Alan , Has become shameless , Ah Jie Tang has turned her back , Slander is that Alan and Jiang tianqiang are holding together , It is understandable that they do so , After all, this kind of shameful indulgence can't be seen in the sunshine , So even if they are shameless to death , I can't admit that I did something shameful .

Then I write about Alan telling Jiang tianqiang about her pregnancy , It's also when Alan is confused with Jiang tianqiang and Tang Ajie , She said it when she was angry . Alan may have thought that since he was sullied by Jiang tianqiang , Just put yourself on his boat , But she ran into such a shameful thing again , What should she do ?

Who knows Jiang tianqiang is a despicable villain , First of all, he slandered that Alan had a relationship with stone before he had a baby , He uses the heart of a villain to measure the belly of a gentleman , It's more to get rid of the things that have relations with Alan , I have an account in front of sister Tang , I want to be irresponsible to Alan again , That's a good plan . To put it bluntly , He didn't really love Alan , Just trying to satisfy your own desires , This is in sharp contrast to stone's true love of Alan . As long as you have read the writer's novel written in sharp contrast , Which is better or worse? , You can see it at a glance , This is the author's advantage of comparing Jiang tianqiang with stone .

In the novel, she added fuel to the flames by writing about sister Tang , We need to find out about this , Jiang tianqiang can't wear a green hat before he gets married , This brings the shameless side of sister Tang to the extreme . According to the harsh relationship she had with Jiang tianqiang countless times , She knows who Jiang tianqiang is , She knows that Alan is pregnant with Jiang tianqiang's evil seed , On the contrary, he said that Alan gave Jiang tianqiang a green hat , It's not just a drop in the bucket , But she and Jiang tianqiang's scandal was ran into by Alan , She is worried that she can't get rid of it , It happened that Alan's pregnancy was told by himself , She hasn't taken the opportunity to write a composition yet , Trying to divert attention ?!

Seeing that Jiang tianqiang is bent on beating up Alan's baby , We can't help but sweat for Alan again , Deeply worried about Alan's situation .

[Jiang Kunyuan]: https://www.jianshu.com/u/dd92235c3e62[A novel _ Notes on wild lotus root 84]: https://www.jianshu.com/p/c3d49be21588

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