Send my daughter to school

2021-05-01 07:24:23  作者:Photography

Today is the last day before the holiday , Send the kids to school in the morning , It's very easy . The children are full of excitement , Today is the last time to go to school , I can go out tomorrow . The children are looking forward to their vacation .

Today's luck is also surprisingly good , Early arrival of learning , And it's the first one to arrive , Be sure to take a picture to commemorate .

Because my car is restricted today , Take a taxi to see the kids off , Don't worry , Decided to run home . altogether 7-8km Distance of , Just right. .

It's neither hot nor cold , I'm not tired even running and stopping .

Passing by the river , It's so quiet .

Get on the bridge, get on the bridge , It's a lot of noise . But it doesn't affect the fisherman's mood at all , Crowds of people crowded on the Bank of the river .

Run back to the neighborhood , By the way, I bought some snacks for tomorrow's trip . It's mainly about children , So I bought potato chips 、 Prawn cracker 、 Chocolate beans 、 Chachaxiang melon seeds . I bought watermelon and melon for you , On the road to quench thirst .

Looking forward to tomorrow's trip .