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Time :2021 year 4 month 3 Japan Saturday

The weather : Light rain

After breakfast this morning ,08:30 Start We visited the landmark buildings in Rongcheng —— Cherry Lake Sports Park .

Cherry Lake Sports Park , North by the city , South to the sea , Donglian Sports Center , To the west is sanggouwan Urban Wetland Park , It's a cherry blossom themed sports park .

The landmark ring of Sakura Lake

The park's humanistic greening and natural landscape coincide with each other 、 all blend into one harmonious whole , Build a “ Wanghu 、 Crazy sea 、 Watch the flowers bloom ” The mood of , The harmony and unity between man and nature are highlighted everywhere , Become a place to enjoy cherry blossom in spring 、 Look at the lake and listen to the sea in summer and autumn 、 A city with snow and swans in winter “ Reception room ”.

Cherry blossom as the main body , It has become an ecological park for flower and bird watching . According to the guide :

Sakurai Yosano Sakurai is planted in Sakurai Lake Sports Park 、 Sakura Oshima 、 Guan Shanying 、 There are tens of thousands of cherry trees , Make the entrance cherry rain 、 Cherry Blossom Road 、 Cherry Blossom lawn 、 Cherry Blossom forest and other Cherry Blossom themed landscapes , Different varieties of Cherry Blossom alternately , It's guaranteed for two months

This big circle sculpture is as high as 42 rice , Very spectacular ! Cherry lake is featured by theme sculpture , Here you are “ The lake reflects the moon ” The unique landscape of .

Cherry Lake Sports Park theme sculpture “ Love of cherry Lake ”, With interaction 、 The fusion 、 Open design concept , With the quiet water surface of Sakura Lake as the layout , Using mirror design effect , The sculpture and the reflection in the water complement each other , meanwhile , The theme of sculpture lighting is “ bright moon ” As a carrier , Make dynamic changes , Build “ Marine moon , Shining everywhere ” The visual effect of .

Bicycles are also set up on the west side of the park , Citizens can exercise by fixed bicycles , At the same time, through the sensor on the bicycle , Turn the speed of the stampede into a signal through a computer , In order to control the lighting effect of sculpture , The light changes with the amount of exercise a cyclist takes . such , While citizens are exercising , It also creates an atmosphere of sightseeing and entertainment , To achieve the purpose of environmental protection and power saving , It can be said that killing three birds with one stone .

Back in the construction of cherry Lake Sports Park , The government has positioned the park as an urban landscape 、 Ecological experience 、 Flood control and discharge function and “ All people participation type ” Leisure sports theme park .

According to the guide , If it's sunny , Cherry lake is like a sapphire shining under the blue sky and white clouds , Inlaid between the city and the sea , The light of the lake and the color of the sea , It's amazing .

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