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There are several people on the way , A walk begins with a single step .

Who drives the way , There are a few of them .

【 Explain 】

Countless people are working for it , It's the way of life . Ten thousand people , 20000 people, even countless people , Are striving for the road of life . When the road of life really begins , The most important thing is to take the first step .

As that sentence says “ A journey , Begins with a single step ”, The road of life is more than thousands of miles . That's why we keep trying to move forward , Until the end of life , It's a happy ending .

Who can open up a new era of road , Find your own way of life , No longer confused by this , Wandering around . Now it can lead , How many people are marching into the new era .

One 、 Life road

Life has a long way to go , The road is long and blocked . After the wind and rain , Set sail .

Like this poem , The road of life is very long , And have to go through layers of tests and all obstacles . such , Your life will be complete , Have not experienced the ups and downs of , His life is not complete . Only experienced the test of wind and rain , Only in this way can Yang Fan sail on the road of life .

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