Time always flies

2021-05-01 06:47:58  作者:Life journey

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All April , Walking among flowers , I had a wonderful month like a fairy .

Time always flies , We are also like a flower , Smile goodbye to today , Into may, into early summer .

Beautiful April , Green budding , Flowers bloom in the second place , It's like a beautiful youth , The blood is always warm . Drowned in colorful flowers , Covered with warm light , We enjoy the best time in April , The ears are exquisite, the eyebrows are exquisite .

Time is passing and accumulating , Boundless heart , We walk through April like fairies , So close to nature .

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William • Harvey said :“ All art is a kind of imitation of nature one way or another , Because our reason and knowledge are derived from the wisdom of nature .”

This passage is very right for me . Amorous is to get , Infatuation is loss . I love nature and flowers and trees , I've been getting it .

I've seen a lot of flowers this April , I didn't read a few books . Micro-blog and official account , I often see all kinds of books to read , Always laugh it off .

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The best book, the most famous book , You can't read it. You don't like it , Why bother yourself , Just read what suits you and what you like .

“ Read more , But don't read too many books .” I particularly agree with Franklin . It has been said , Reading is like making friends , Less and better .

come very naturally , It's close, it's far away , Far, near . Life treats nature in a wonderful way , Treat everyone . Listen to the spring song again , Goodbye, April , Welcome may .

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