What do those people do

2021-05-01 06:46:28  作者:Life journey

From home to the company , There are two traffic lights on the road , North of the second traffic light , It's a community hospital .

Passing by every day , Always see a lot of people standing in front of the community hospital , From time to time, you can see 50 People's buses .

I haven't noticed before , I don't know which day , All of a sudden, I'm curious about all this : Look at their behavior , They don't seem to come to see a doctor either , It's not like a family member of a patient . What do these people do ? Why are there so many people every day ?

I'm like a curious baby , As soon as I arrived at the company today, I asked my colleagues who were together , My colleague Juan Juan said :“ Those are all part-time people , That bus is dedicated to transport part-time people to and from work .”

I suddenly realized !

original , This year, novel coronavirus pneumonia affects the population , All industries are affected to varying degrees , So some enterprises just take a break , Some enterprises have weekends , What's more, sanxiu .

There's a lot of time off , Naturally, the wages of workers are much lower . There are old people on the top and small family members on the bottom , You can't sit down with a small salary .

And in this case , Express and production covers 、 Manufacturers of protective clothing are very busy , therefore , A large number of part-time staff are recruited . therefore , These workers who are on leave take part-time jobs .

Every day , Introduce the part-time head , So I packed a bus , They are specialized in transporting these part-time workers , He took a percentage out of it .

Part time jobs work in different places , The salary is not the same , It's fifteen dollars an hour , It's eighteen dollars an hour , Twenty dollars an hour, too .

As for work tired , It's definitely not an easy job .

Suddenly thought of , No matter what circumstances , Just be willing to suffer , You'll never die of hunger ; Smart , Like the part-time head , Cheerleading , Ten bucks per head , Fifty people a day , Five hundred dollars, too .

The part-time boss doesn't get rich , Who else can make a fortune ?

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