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You see , There are birds hovering on the road at night .


Behind them are the towering trees , Continuous mountains , Ahead is the lush grass , Boundless fields , There is also a smooth road winding from the foot of the mountain to the street town in the distance , Bits and pieces of light came out of the woods beside the village . The breeze blowing , Ruan Qin smelled the smell of green grass and pines .

“ It's beautiful ! Xiaoshu , Your hometown is so beautiful !” Ruan Qin closed her eyes , Intoxicated to say ,“ I think at this moment , I'm so happy ! Love in the wild , Get it from the heart , The joy is endless !” Ruan Qin can't help but open her arms , As if to embrace the invisible but touching happiness .

Chen Xiaoshu looks at the dusk , Because of the excitement, her face was flushed , I can't help reading a poem in my memory :“ Fresh and thin , Dim clothes , Most like red peony , When the rain comes, the spring is coming .”

He came forward briskly , He hugged Ruan Qin's waist from behind , He leaned his chin against her head , He spoke to her in a low voice , therefore , With a smile, Ruan Qin can't help but nestle in her boyfriend's arms .

In this twilight , The two people who love each other stand on the hillside far away from the crowd , Quietly leaning together , Feel each other's heartbeat , Slowly waiting for the night to fall .

“ Why , What's the sound ?” Ruan Qin opened her eyes , Look far away , Xiaoshu also looks forward .

“ You see , There are birds hovering on the road over there .” Ruan Qin stands on tiptoe , Curious to say ,“ Why don't they fly back to the nest , What are you doing there ?”

“ Do you really want to know ?” Chen Xiaoshu asked .

Ruan Qin's hand gently rubs Xiaoshu's arm , A little pinch from time to time , It's like some kind of warning , Then I said :“ Yes, of course , You say .”

Chen Xiaoshu didn't feel afraid at all , Instead, I can't help but put my hand around her face , I want to kiss her beautiful lips , But soon Ruan Qin hid himself .

“ Ruan Ruan .” Xiaoshu holds her discontentedly , Staring deep into her eyes .

Ruan Qin said , But deliberately not looking at him , He pushed his arm , He said cheerfully :“ Come on , Come on .”

Xiaoshu takes his eyes away , I looked at the birds hovering on the other side of the road , And then he lowered his head , He said in a low voice :“ It's a horrible and sad story , Do you really want to hear ?”

Voice has just fallen. , He was severely pinched by the laughing Ruan Qin ,“ Oh dear !” Chen Xiaoshu couldn't help shouting .

He had to explain immediately :“ Is true , Listen to me , I never lied to you . It started ten years ago , The day the birds came, they began to talk about .”


I remember clearly , That is 3021 April 28, 2007 , Three months after the disaster —— What kind of disaster —— That Spring Festival , There was a rare storm , Many old people say that they have never seen such a heavy rain in spring . This was not expected at all , I didn't make any preparations . The heavy rain washed away all the houses , Broke the old bridge , It also erodes the livelihood of the villagers , The wheat in the field was drowned , Even the whole town is dead .

After Township reconstruction , The children go to school again , women 、 The old man stayed at home to cultivate and protect the land , The young men have gone out to work , The whole town was still filled with sadness .

That year , I 16 year , And that day , After I took part in the high school entrance examination, I went home , Suddenly I feel very tired , I began to worry about my future , I don't know if I can have a bright future .

I am lying in bed , Staring at the ceiling , I'm still thinking about my mind , I heard the voice of mother talking with others in the shop next door .

“ The day before yesterday, Xiaoshu's father came back, too ?” A not young voice asked , I recognized that she was aunt Xu next door .

“ Coming back .” My mother sighed .

“ Also came back to get the money ?” Aunt Xiaogui, the barber on South Street, asked .

I didn't hear my mother's answer , I think mom nodded , Or shake your head , Because I always feel that I don't have much savings in my family .

“ You say? , Can they have those teachers , According to them , Can you make money ?” This is my little aunt's voice .

“ Anyway , Always find a way out .” Mother said ,“ The harvest on the ground is not good this year , I don't know if the grassland can be restored , The breeding industry can't start now . There's no suitable job out there , Young people are better , Factories always have to recruit workers , The middle-aged people still have to work hard .”

“ I know that too. , Just worry about , I don't know what will happen ?” The little aunt said .

“ If it's a big deal, we'll just come back to farming .” Aunt Xu said ,“ It's a big investment , Slow down , But people are around , I'm at ease .”

“ Is ah , I'm afraid they'll be cheated . You know what , Maybe old Ju is crazy .” Aunt Xiaogui said .

My aunt said :“ He's pathetic, too , My wife died , Now my son is dead again .”

I heard it here , I feel more irritable than ever , I feel even more depressed , At the same time, I feel very small , Special incompetence , Almost the whole life , I think of the questions that I often think about :“ Why do people live , Is it to come to this world , To suffer , Live with patience every day ?”

Just when I think about things , There are lots of shrieks coming from outside , Shout , I also heard my mother scream loudly . I jumped out of bed , Run out and have a look , Countless birds come from all directions , Hovering in the dusk of the evening sky , Slowly, layer by layer .

The most terrifying thing is that all the flying birds are black , As if in a flash , The fading color of life all over the world , Our eyes are gray , With endless fear and despair .

People panic , Some children and women are still there shouting , Some women hold their children tightly , And many old people fell to the ground like they were lost .

All of a sudden, there was a strong wind in the sky , At first it was a squeaky sound , Then came the whistling whistle , And then it becomes miserable and sharp , It's like a demon desperately trying to fly at people on the ground .

At this time , The noisy birds in the sky , But suddenly it was quiet , They are arranged in a neat line , Or round , Or herringbone , Or long lines . then , Clockwise, as if training a thousand times, suddenly flipped and quickly fell down , There was an elliptical vortex in the middle of the flock , Like a funnel .

next , All the birds suddenly stopped in the same place again , And then slowly spin around , It's like some kind of power is accumulating . All of a sudden , Once again, they shot like arrows into the sky , What follows is the high price of birds singing together , Try to flap your wings , It's like not afraid of life or death , It is necessary to stop the wind from howling and roaring .

So again and again , Go round and begin again , Last , The wind gave in , And the birds stopped pounding . They glide slowly in the sky , Hour height 、 The time is low , Or near 、 Or far away , And finally spread around .

I don't know how long it's been , Only know that my life has been a subversion . That night , I feel like I've got something , From time to time in my heart, I felt like the splitting sound of pine branches when campfire was burning in autumn , I was too excited to sleep for a long time .

But , Next morning , We learned that old man Ju died at night . The next evening , The birds are coming again , then , Another old man died . such , The whole May Day holiday , We hear every day that someone is dead , Someone died again . There was a commotion , Talking all the time , How to drive away these ominous birds .


Chen Xiaoshu accompanied Ruan Qin , Thinking about the past . The night wind in the mountain is a little cool , In a pink floral dress , Ruan Qin, wearing a thin blue coat, felt a little cold , Go to Xiaoshu and lean on , Chen Xiaoshu half hugged her and went to the village .

“ Later on ?”

“ later , After the holidays , I went to school again .” Xiaoshu said with a smile .

“ You're really fighting .”

“ Hey , I really went to school , I'm going to take the senior high school entrance examination . I lived in school at that time , Although I would like to know the result , But I'm afraid to know the result .”

“ therefore , I haven't been asking about it , I don't think the birds have anything to do with those people dying , Just a little uneasy in my heart , It's like the high school entrance examination is on my mind . I always think that the high school entrance examination is more important than the college entrance examination , This kind of thinking is unbearable .”

“ Didn't it turn out very well in the end ?” Ruan Qin touched his cool hand , Say .

“ Yes , The scenes I saw in those days kept rolling in my mind , Gave me a lot of encouragement . In the last two months, I felt like I was suddenly enlightened , A lot of effort , A lot of hard work , Great progress, too .”

“ After the middle school entrance examination , I went back to the village , I know that in town , In the county , And the villagers under the guidance of the university teachers and experts they invited , We have set up ecological environment tourism base and ecological environment research base here . While protecting the ecological environment , We need to deal with environmental problems ; On the one hand, landscape forest and economic forest will be built , Develop pollution-free agricultural products , Ecological aquaculture , Besides cattle and sheep, animal husbandry , The protection and ecological development of birds are also on the agenda .”

“ That's why you applied for Forestry University later , Now I'm majoring in environmental science ?”

“ Is ah , I love studying these . It's late today , I'll show you around tomorrow . There are reed swamps , Moss grass , All kinds of woodlands , And to the West there's a big lake , We call it Tianze lake —— A gift from heaven . It's a thousand times more beautiful than what we see today .”

“ Really? ?”

“ You'll see . There are nearly 20 species of birds under first-class national protection , There are more than 40 species of second class protected birds . There are abundant aquatic plants and many animals , crane 、 Red-crowned crane 、 Wild goose 、 Golden Eagle 、 Duck, etc. 200 More than one species of birds nest there , To reproduce .”

“ I'm so excited , I really want to see it now .”

“ Now? , First let you see another beautiful scenery .”

“ What is it? ?”

“ SHH , You see ——”


Ruan Qin saw under the stars , In the light , Groups of birds in the leisurely music , From time to time, it's up , Sometimes they dive down , Now and then, flapping your wings fast , Now and then slowly sliding into the distance . Occasionally with the rhythm , And the birds will sing , Sometimes the voice is loud and clear , Sometimes it's crisp and tactful .

Their figures and songs are so free and joyful , So much so that the people who saw it , They can't help rocking with each other .

“ Where's the music from ?”

“ Two turns , There's a square over there , A lot of people are dancing over there . Aunt Xu we met today , Don't you wonder where she learned Hulusi ? I learned in the square , She goes to study for a while every day , And then go straight to the dance in the evening . Now people are used to this kind of life .”

“ The birds in the beginning ?”

“ I think at first the birds came to fight the wind , It's a reminder that ; And now they really love it here , I love human beings too .” Xiaoshu said .

Ruan Qin said after thinking :“ in other words , In fact, all animals, plants and human beings in nature can only coexist on one earth , So we have a disaster , We need to save ourselves , We have to save each other to have hope , All creatures in the world are the same , The problems of environmental protection are all rooted in human problems .”

“ Yes ,” Xiaoshu turns to Ruan Qin , Look at her , Say it gently ,“ Ruan , I'm in trouble now too , I'll find a way to solve it , But I also hope to get your help , Would you like? ?”

“ what ?” Ruan Qin was very surprised .

“ After graduate school , I want to go back to work in my hometown , You want to be with me , Living here ?”

“ I ……” Ruan Qin was silent .

“ That's true. , Your parents want you to stay in school as a teacher .” Ruan Qin stares at Chen Xiaoshu nervously , Xiaoshu smiles , Lower your voice and say ,“ take it easy , Listen to me .”

“ I really hope we can spend every day together , I know that's what you think , Otherwise you won't hear that I want to go back to my hometown to take the civil service examination , Just show me the article that goes into the system , But I'm not as casual as they are .”

Ruan Qin smiles sheepishly .

“ If you want to be a teacher , You can also work at the research base . If you want to find another job , You can also have a good inspection these days , There's going to be a career you're interested in .”

“ Yes, of course , Now the most important thing is your parents' opinion . I think , Can we also take them over for a field visit ? Now many places are doing group pension , Home care project , Let them have a look at our pension service and pension environment .”

“ In fact, sometimes even if the child is around , But because of work or other reasons , We can't respect the elderly in the real sense 、 Provide for the aged . But if we work here , The material and spiritual conditions enjoyed by family members are not comparable to those in other places , Maybe this kind of life is a real life .”

“ Of course , These words can't be passed on to them directly , They need to feel it for themselves , And willing to live like this . Xiaoqin , You must help me .”

Ruan Qin gave him a white look , And I don't think he can see , So he said :“ Who's going to help you ? What if they still disagree ?”

“ As long as people who have been here , There's no one who doesn't like it here .” Chen Xiaoshu said confidently :“ If it was three years ago , I'm also a little worried , Now our infrastructure here is basically complete , The standard of living is higher than that of the city , And the transportation is also convenient , Two or three hours , You can go back to the provincial capital .”

“ hum ,” Ruan Qin was very sweet in her heart , Because my boyfriend is very considerate , And she felt that her parents would approve of it .

But maybe this happiness is too happy , Maybe it's the night , Want her to sing a song that's reversed , She couldn't help saying :“ If I want to stay in the city ?”

“ Then we have to be a weekend couple .” Chen Xiaoshu said with a smile , He saw Ruan Qin shake off his hand , Have a good laugh , Hold her in a hurry , And then there was a successful sneak attack , He smiles smugly again .

“ what's so funny , It's just that I'm willing to .”

Two people in love hold hands for a while , After a while, he walked back home shoulder to shoulder ; And the dancing people and the birds went home together .

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