20 famous sayings that light up life, never out of date

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1、 From now on , I began to choose my life carefully , I'm no longer easily lost in temptations . I have heard the call from afar in my heart , There is no need to look back and care about all kinds of right and wrong and discussion behind you . I have no time for the past , I'm going forward .—— Milan · Kundera's 《 The unbearable lightness in life 》

2、 Human life , It can't be measured by the length of time , When the heart is full of love , The moment is eternity !—— Nietzsche

3、 My life is mine , Your life is yours . As long as you know what you're looking for , Just live as you wish . What others say has nothing to do with you .—— Haruki Murakami

4、 May when you get too little , Don't be angry all day ; May you gain too much , Don't be afraid all day long .—— Guiwu Dongye 《 Solution grocery store 》

5、 Although life is full of pain and sorrow But in every sad episode, people can see the sunshine of hope .—— Khaled · Husseini 《 Splendid thousand suns 》

6、 We need to know that the goal of a school should be to cultivate people with independent action and independent thinking .—— Einstein

7、 A minute of thinking is worth an hour of nagging .—— Thomas · Hood

8、 I also ask you to study hard , It's not because I want you to compete with others , But because , I hope you will have the right to choose in the future , Choice makes sense , Work with time , Instead of being forced to make a living .—— Long Yingtai 《 Dear Andre 》

9、 If you love , Life is lovely everywhere . If you hate , Life is hateful everywhere . If you are grateful , Be grateful everywhere . If you grow up , Everything can grow . It's not the world that chose you , You chose the world . Since there's nowhere to hide , It's better to be silly . Since there is no escape , It's better to be happy . Since there is no pure land , It's better to be quiet . Since I didn't do it , Better be relieved .—— Feng Zikai 《 Be suddenly enlightened 》

10、 There are big and small waiting in one's life , People gradually forget what they are waiting for .—— Zhang ailing

11、 Life is not always plain sailing , We are all ordinary , And live like ordinary people , quarrel 、 The cold war 、 Cozy 、 care , No matter what happened , As long as two people have the determination to work together , Just dare to go on .—— Zhang ailing

12、 Vanity is a boring and deceitful thing ; The people who got it , There may not be any merit , The people who lost it , There may not be any fault .—— Shakespeare

13、 Lose , You don't have to have , Turn around and hug , Not necessarily the weakest .—— Shakespeare 《 Midsummer night dream 》

14、 Give yourself some time , Don't be afraid to start over .—— Will · Bowen 《 A world without complaint 》

15、 If you don't like one thing , Just change that ; If it can't be changed , Just change your attitude . Don't complain .——《 A world without complaint 》

16、 Marriage is not happy , Not because of lack of love , It's a lack of friendship .—— Nietzsche

17、 Love is not looking at each other , It's looking in the same direction together .—— Anthony · Virtue · St. - Exsuperi

18、 There are three realms of human spirit : camel 、 Lions and babies . First, camel , swallow humiliation and bear a heavy load , Passively obeying others or fate ; Second, the lion , Turn passivity into initiative , from “ You should ” To “ I want to ”, It's up to me to fight for everything , Take responsibility for your life ; Third realm baby , This is a kind of “ I am a ” The state of , Live in the present , Enjoy the present .—— Nietzsche

19、 When you are happy , Don't lose the virtue that makes you happy .——[ Law ] Moroa 《 Five problems in life 》

20、 There is only one real hope in the world , That's the precious relationship between people .—— Anthony · Virtue · St. - Exsuperi 《 Wind, sand, stars 》

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