Life fun (56) troubles caused by light bulb (Continued)

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The light bulb ( To continue )

Busy with lunch at twelve , The smelly old man is going to buy that on the street LED Light bulb: .

The car just started , I got the fifth uncle ( captain ) My emergency call , The content is very important : Call for national policy , Extremely urgent response to carry out the implementation of all villages and towns Caigang tile house ash action .

Today is the last day , Professional spray painting staff have arrived at the village entrance , Smelly old man must go back to his hometown as soon as possible .

There are two practical principles :① It is the responsibility of the professional master , Contract labor and materials , centare 4 element .② They buy their own materials and work by themselves .

An old man who has failed in arithmetic has his fingers crossed , The area of our own home is more than 300, nearly 400 , Let people do it , no way , Don't bargain .

I get up in the morning and get up in the dark , The chicken crows in the middle of the night , But it's only 300 yuan , I asked someone else to take it in more than an hour , Meat pain .

therefore , The smelly old man spent 130 yuan to buy all the necessary materials , single-handed , On the way home . And I stayed in the position , Stick to the post , In business .

Until after six in the afternoon , The old man sent a video , Be accomplished . Click on the video , Ah ! Good job .

Wind and dust , All the way back , It's a little late , I went to buy a light bulb without getting off the car , Put the light bulb in the bedroom .

The kitchen lights are on , The original lamp in the bedroom was installed, but it began to flash again , This time it's more straightforward , More direct , The flower flashed a few times and stopped performing .

Damn it , Flash again , Can I borrow it and get infected . It's dark in the house again .

I don't know :“ Go and buy it again .”

Smelly old man, that's a sutra , I have to buy it online , Because the original light bulb was bought online , Already used 5 Years. , Very good quality .

The old man said :“ Anyway, I don't need a light to sleep at night , I came back in three days .”

I said, :“ There's something else to do .”

Smelly old man :“ Just watch Kwai , Tiktok , I can't write an article for a few days , As long as there is electricity, it has nothing to do with half a cent .”

ha-ha ! This smelly old man is too good at living !

In general , Courier 3 The day will arrive , But this time it's not the same , I don't know why 5 Genius arrives .

The information is coming , The smelly old man can't wait to pick up the goods , Come back and run upstairs , Don't forget to call me :“ The wife , go , Upstairs .”

“ why ?”

“ Help push down the stool .”

“ Busy !” I was peeling potatoes .

ha-ha !

Anyway, I'm not in a hurry ,5 God, I'm used to dark operation , I haven't worn it backwards , Everything that needs to be done goes on .

Smelly old man is different , Every night when I lie in bed, I always have to smoke two cigarettes to fall asleep , No lights , The ashtray became a decoration , On the ashtray stool , The ground is full of .

the second day , Who will clean up ? Of course, who built it, who cleaned it up .

Smelly old man standing at the stairway :“ Hurry up .”

“ I'm not happy , It's the first day of junior high school , No, fifteen .”

Keep turning a deaf ear and peel the potatoes , At this time, the smelly old man with a high throat began to shout his son's name .

My son has no patience :“ It's unfair! , Why does it always hurt me ?”

ha-ha !

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