Ordinary life twists and turns (1170)

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Part 8 (111)

Chapter 230

It's hard to control the passion of two people

Jiang Shuihua's wish has not come true


Lin Xincheng pushes the flowers of the river , Stand up and walk to the bed , Take off your shoes , Lying in bed with clothes , Covered with quilts , Soon fell asleep . Jiangshuihua is sitting on the chair waiting for the two couples .

When there's a knock outside , The clock on the wall is close to twelve . Sitting in a chair dozing jiangshuihua stood up and opened the door , It's Meng Xianzhong plum blossom . River flowers say :“ You just want to be happy , I didn't see the time , It's almost twelve o'clock ."

Meng Xianzhong and Mei Hua come in , Meng Xianzhong is embarrassed to say :“ Sister-in-law , I've kept you and my brother waiting , I'm sorry ."

River flowers say :“ Where did your brother wait , He's already in bed , I'm so sleepy and cold in my chair when you get to this time .“

Meng Xianzhong is not joking :“ Sister-in-law , It's stupid of you to wait , Won't you get into my brother's bed first ?"

The river is full of water :“ Bullshit , We're not a couple , What am I doing in his bed ? Look at , The younger couple , I haven't come yet , Just married couple , It's not as sticky as you are ."

Plum blossom blushes like blood , Bow your head and smile .

Meng Xianzhong said :“ Sister-in-law , I'm going to ask them to ."

Jiangshuihua held him and said :“ Don't shout, don't shout , You're a brother , Let the plum blossom go ."

Mei Hua said :“ Sister-in-law , I'll call myself. I'm afraid , Let him go with me , I yelled to keep him quiet ."

River flowers say :“ good , You two go , I'll call your brother up ."

Meng Xianzhong and Mei Hua went out , River flowers wake up Lin Xincheng . Lin Xincheng came out of bed for the first time , I feel a little cold , I put the quilt on my body , Sitting at my desk .

Jiang Shuihua looks at Lin Xincheng :“ It's cold for you to come out of bed , What about me ? Is it cold to sit in this chair ?"

Lin Xincheng apologized :“ Sorry, sister , I'm sleepy , Ignore your feelings . Why don't you go to bed first ."

The river is flowing with flowers :“ You are not afraid that I ask you for that ?"

Lin Xincheng smiles and doesn't answer .

And for a little while , Four young people came in one after another , Jiangshuihua added a few words about Meng Xianying and Huaihua, who only care about intimacy, regardless of time, regardless of her cold and sleepy . Meng Xianying has not only returned to the river “ Won't you lie in my brother's bed first ", He went on to say :“ Don't say you're lying in my brother's bed so it's not cold , We don't want to talk about it just to talk to my brother ."

River flower angry way :“ Meng Xianying, who should be beaten , Dogs can't spit out ivory , Be careful when I screw your mouth ."

Lin Xincheng said very seriously :“ Current business , Don't say anything that doesn't touch the strings , Follow sister Shuihua , And sister Jianrong, don't make such jokes , They are your sister-in-law , I'm very concerned about you all , Treat them like sisters ."

Meng Xianying said :“ Brother , We know that these two sisters in law are very concerned about us , We kiss them in our hearts , It's just because I give them kisses in my heart , Just tell her the joke . I know my sister-in-law won't be angry with me . As the saying goes , There's no way to avoid it . Of course , We don't talk nonsense outside ."

On Lin Xincheng :“ Okay , It's getting late , Stop gossiping , I'll tell you something . I just picked up the calendar , Brother Shaofu is old on October 16 , November 21 is over May 7 . Now in the camp , You two go back to our father and say , Let's get rid of superstition , Not following the old customs of the past , I don't do anything in this period of time , All the energy for your marriage . Give betrothal gifts and exchange cards on November 26 , You two go to the commune to get married , On the second day of the twelfth lunar month , You two do it together , With one . Entering the lunar month , I have a lot to do , I don't care about you ."

Zhao Huaihua asked incredulously :“ Uncle , What do you mean? I've run it with the camp ?"

On Lin Xincheng :“ Is ah , Together . So I thought , Huaihua and Xianying are still young , Stop for a few years . I thought about it again after you went out , Although you are young , Huaihua is 21 years old after all , Two years older than when your aunt came , As the saying goes , Women are not allowed to stay , Stay here, stay here, settle a feud . Although I'm not your father , But your father always entrusted your marriage to me , I'm going to insist that you don't get married , Sophora will be angry with me , Say I'm confused . simply , You two can do it together , This will save both families a little bit of work , As for your age , I went to the commune to coordinate .“

After hearing this, Zhao Huaihua ran to Lin Xincheng excitedly , Take off Lin Xincheng's quilt , He put his arms around Lin Xincheng's neck and said :“ Uncle , You are my great uncle , Give me more than my father , I'll call you dad later .“

Lin Xincheng took Huaihua by the hand and said :“ Sophora japonica , What a nice girl , If I were twenty years older than you , I think you're my girl ."

Huaihua said :“ Just like this , You are eight years older than me ."

On Lin Xincheng :“ Or uncle , It's just a name , Call me uncle , I'll kiss you like my father . I'll tell the four of you , I'm on duty here every Monday and Tuesday , The time before marriage , You can all come if you want to date , Just a few of us know , Don't let outsiders know , Outsiders know that the impact is not good ."

Huaihua put her mouth to Lin Xincheng's ear and whispered :“ Every time we come , Let sister-in-law Shuihua follow , Uncle , Don't wait like you did today , What are you two going to do now , We're not going to talk about it .“

Lin Xincheng said with a smile :“ Silly girl , Just saying stupid things . I don't care about you if you say stupid things again .“

Zhao Huaihua chuckles and releases Lin Xincheng .

Don't think , Meng Xianying also said :“ Every time we come , Call sister-in-law shangshuihua , Save water, sister-in-law is angry with my brother again . When sister Shuihua comes back , Or wear thicker , Or lie in bed with my brother first . As the saying goes , Men and women , Lie in a quilt , As long as you don't do that, you are right in your mind . Of course , We don't talk about it when we know it , It's not necessary for outsiders to say that it really happened .“

The flowers of the river are in the air :“ You're talking nonsense again , I'm in bed with your brother , If there is no such thing, others will say that there is such thing .“

Meng Xianying said :“ We're not going to talk about it. Who knows ? Don't say there's nothing like that , That's what happened , And we're not going to say ."

Jiang Shuihua goes to Meng Xianying and beats him on the chest :“ The more you talk, the less you follow ."

Meng Fanying got a punch , He grinned .

Several people also laughed .

Then Lin Xincheng said :“ No more bullshit , And about your marriage , I'll go to your house tomorrow , Let your mother know , Let her do the same ."

Four young people said happily together :“ Listen to me ( Uncle ) The arrangement of the .”

The river water flowers connect :“ Your business should be done earlier. Lin Xincheng's heart is quiet , It also saves you from being here like thieves , And married with a baby like poplars ."

The faces of the four young men turned red at once .

Five of them were sent away , Lin Xincheng closes the door , Sleep with the light on .

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