Yunnan Museum 4

2021-05-01 05:52:38  作者:Photography

After years of archaeological excavation in Yunnan Provincial Museum 、 The investigation called for 、 Bronzes purchased and donated by society 、 Ancient coin 、 Ceramics 、 Ancient calligraphy and painting 、 Stele post 、 Stamps and various arts and crafts have surpassed 19 Ten thousand pieces , It is the museum with the largest collection of cultural relics in Yunnan Province . Among thousands of precious cultural relics , It has been recognized as a national first-class cultural relic 1 More than a thousand . The vast majority of the museum's historical relics collection comes from archaeological excavations .

Standing statue of Avalokitesvara in gold

Passing height 28 centimeter , heavy 1115 g ,1978 Qianxun pagoda, the main pagoda of the Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple in Dali, Yunnan Province, was unearthed , The period is the period of Dali . It's like standing up , High hair bun , Wearing the crown of Buddha , Face to face , Eyes slightly open , Quiet as water ; Upper body exposure , Wearing a long skirt ; Hand knot Miaoyin Tianyin ; Barefoot , There are two square tenons under the foot . There's a backlight behind , silver , Carving technology , In the shape of a boat . Statues and backlights , One before and one after , One gold and one silver , The match is right , make the old and new contrast and complement each other , The shape is neat , Exquisite production , It is a masterpiece of ancient Buddhist art , Famous at home and abroad . The known metal Avalokitesvara in the world has 13 respect , Among them is 10 Respect abroad ,3 Collected in Yunnan Provincial Museum . And in terms of texture ,13 There are 12 It is made of copper and gold , This is the only piece of gold .